Jul 9, 2011

Saturday and Sunday

Have a nice weekend. For all you plantar fascites out there; a mobility WOD might help you recover from Murph.

The pic below, posted on the affiliate site a few days ago,  is of brothers in arms hitting 'Murph' downrange at Camp Eggers.

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rob said...

Hello from ISAF HQ. I'm still not in any type of a battle rhythm and drinking from a fire hose; it's like doing a 'mental Fran' several times a day! I'm glad to finally be here and ready to make a difference. I was finally able to get in 4 WODs this week, but I'm still not in any type of battle rhythm. I just got them in when I could.

There seem to be a handful of people here interested in CF, but the physical environment is not optimal. I't not poor, I'd rate it average and with some time and effort I think we can increase. Adam Hilburgh is already here and has organized a team WOD for Monday. It's the 'Golden Hour'. He says he has about 20 people signed up. I'm going to assist and get a feel for how we could do a Foundations class, but that is going to be a challenge i.e. no sticks and limited medicine balls. Still, there seems to be a desire and it's going to be great to get something started.