Jul 31, 2011

080111 MONDAY


Today is Dave Hudson's last WOD. Dave got hold of the IMCF bone in September last year and hasn't let go since. If you have seen, participated in or benefited from one of the following:
- folks  rowing freaking quickly;
- new equipment at the bubble;
- chalk at the bubble;
- the cool IMCF video;
- IMCF photos and rocking tunes; ....................then you have benefited from Dave Hudson's work. Not to mention his coaching every day and a pretty much all the fundamentals classes.

Thanks Dave a mighty contribution. Safe travels.

Please note - none of these achievements should stop you deriding him about his head band and long posts on the blog. Dave - you get a free hit on your farewell post.

New folks 

If you did the fundamentals on the weekend then please come on down this week. Post on comments or email one of the POC if you have a particular time and want to link up with a coach. Generally most coaches are there 0530 -0700, lunchtime or 1500 - 1700.

Open Gym

"7 Feet Tall" - Dave Hudson special

In 700 seconds:

Row 700m then.....

Complete AMRAP of:

7 deadlifts (315/225)
14 boxjumps (24/20)
21 wallballs (20/14)

0530 class

( 1-1-1-1-1)
Bent Over Row

Then ...

Hand Stand Push-ups
Box Jumps (24")


Big Helper said...

I had to dig a calculator out to see how many minutes 700 seconds was.

Yeah, I'm THAT guy. See you all tomorrow at 0530!

D Beasley said...

An opportunity to scale the DL.......

Greg M said...

I would like to give a big shout out to Mr. Head band and long socks.

Dave---has been part of the heart and soul of IMCF over the past year, as James mentioned there are not to many things he has not helped with or been a major contributor on.

Dave was one of the major reasons why IMCF is so special. Dave is always, always willing to talk and talk about Crossfit. He is such a great teacher and mentor of Crossfit. I am a better Crossfitter and Coach because of Dave.

Dave, thank you so much for all you have done, good luck at Bragg and I will see you next year at the Games.

3,2,1 GO!!!!!

Jamie Z said...

Thanks for all the hard work.

BTW, Dave and I came from the same state region in Tennessee when we were being acessed to go to West Point. Looking back now to what Dave has become over the years is awesome.

Dave, see you on the high ground,

P.S. not sure where the heck the knee high socks and the headband came from...probably the rowing team.

Kay said...

Dave - you should be doing 12-foot target on the wallballs and jumping 36 inch boxes for the box jumps (notice I didn't abbreviate). See you tomorrow! We'll all miss you; it'll be different without you; keep in touch!

Noah said...

Brother, enjoy returning to your family in NC. Good to have you in the Iron Major family this past year and also now in the KU alumni family.

Bill P. said...

Wish you the best of luck in your travels, I'm glad I got to meet you before you left out on your next journey.
Thanks again for your help.
Bill P.

scottnkelly9901 said...

IMCF Hohenfels:

Subbed 600m run for row
Then 2 rds + 5 box jumps
Scaled 225 for DL

Dave, good luck and God speed.

kyle hogan said...

Dave, thanks so much for your guidance, and mentorship as a CF trainer. Good luck brother.

Ed said...

Best of luck as you move on. You've been a giant for IMCF. Thanks!

2 rounds + 7 deadlift + 14 box jumps + 2 wall ball. DL @ 275.

Mac said...

Dave-thanks for the great welcome to the community, and an infusion of crossfit motivation! Hopefully we can maintain some of the intensity and dedication you brought to the box.

3 rds + 7 DLs (DL-275 lbs)

Rich said...

Dave- thanks for being a great coach and good friend to all of us! We'll miss you here! I'm happy for you to be going home to your family. Good luck to you!

Scaled to 235- 2 rnds + DL, BoxJumps and 10 wall balls.

Brian S said...


Thanks for helping me get settled in here at the bubble. 2 RDS + DL and 13 box jumps. Scaled DL to 235.

Greg M said...

255 on DL, just short of 3 rds with 8 wall balls. I wore the head band and long socks in honor of Dave today.

Unbelievable numbers in the bubble this morning, great to see all the new faces.

Good thing is I did not let Dave lap me, great WOD!!!

Mike said...

2 Rds plus DL and Box Jumps.

Scaled to 265 on DL

I think Greg should carry on the headband and long sock legacy permanently

Iron Major CrossFit Coordinator said...

Dave - safe travels - thanks for your mighty contribution to the community.

Mike - I am with you - Greg owns it now.

3 rounds @255

Dan said...

2 rounds + 13 box jumps
DL scaled to 225

I love you Super Dave! Godspeed!

Dave Hudson said...

Got 3 rounds + 7 DL and 14 Boxjumps as Rxd. Great WOD...hope my hip flexors don't cramp up on my drive.

Thank you all for your kind words, either on this blog or in person at the Bubble this morning (or both.) I send out a sincere thanks to all at IMCF, both past and present. So many names to mention - a few would be (in no particular order) James, Rob, Mark, Phil, George, Neal, Jim, Rich, Greg M., Kay, Elizabeth, Air Force Steve, Debbie, Wilson, Carli, Jack, Stewart, Jamie Z., Stewart, Ken, Greg S., The Brian, Kyle, Noah, Zoran, Rett, Scott, DB, Bill & Dionne, Ed, Jesse, Mike D., Stacy, Laura, Andrea...the list goes on and on. You are all Firebreathers in my book. The community at IMCF is truly one of the greatest I've seen, and you all really did make it "the best year of my life," the distance from my family notwithstanding. I will always consider IMCF my "home affiliate."

Parting today is truly bittersweet, but I leave IMCF in more capable hands than my own. This time last year, there were 7 or so "regulars" (maybe). The crowd at the Bubble this morning was nothing less than a spectacle to behold. Between those who have been granted a longer time here via SAMS or a permanent party assignment, IMCF will continue to grow and flourish.

To all, I want to ask all of you two questions:

1. What will you do for yourself to get better - are you committed to being healthier and fitter?
2. We have had multiple people leave here recently and either open up new affiliates or join others. What are you going to do when you leave here - are you going to keep it to yourself (or worse, give it up), or are you going to spread health and fitness to your fellow Soldiers, Sailors, Marines, Airmen, friends, family, and fellow man?

Finally, thanks to all of you for putting up with my soliloquy postings, incessant talking about CrossFit, and questionable fashion sense. (Do note that the recently crowned Fittest Man on Earth, Rich Froning, Jr., rocks the headband as well. That is the ONLY thing I have in common with him.)

And for Rich...TIME!

Kay said...

3 rds in 12 min not including the row. I had a long rest looking for a bar for DL (165#) so I did a longer amrap.
Dave- God speed as you travel home to your family. Thanks for all you did for IMCF!

Kristen said...

Dave, thanks for all your great help at the Fundamentals class. Hope the Warrior Dash was a good time for you. We had a blast (aside from the heat). Wishing you the best on your next endeavor!

So...where is the WOD on this page? And will anyone be there around 4pm to assist a newbie?

Greg M said...


Then WOD is on the previous page, under OPEN GYM.

It begins with a 700m row, then you do 7 x Deadlifts, 14 x Box Jumps, and 21 Wallballs. You only do the Row at the beginning.

This is an AMRAP WOD, which means As Many Rounds As Possible, so you continue doing the DL, Box Jumps, and WB until time runs out. You start your time when you begin rowing. Todays WOD is 700 secs, which relates to 11:40.

Hope this helps..

As far as Trainers, usually Elizabeth is in the Gym at that time. She should be able to help you out.

Stacy Pick said...

Take Care Dave! I think of you and 'rowing drills' every time I sit at a row machine!


Lance said...

Rx'd 2 rds + 1 Box Jump. Smoker after a Power Clean Black Box ME work out.

D Beasley said...

2rds plus DL (265) All the best Big Dave, safe travels to NC.


Air Force Steve said...

Rx'ed 3 Rds + 7 + 3. Well done Dave. I'll miss you...the silence will be deafening!