Jul 28, 2011

072911 FRIDAY


At the risk of sounding a little maternal could we please try to put stuff away when we are finished with it. I understand that some of the storage is limited and needs signage. We are working on it. This doesn't stop you putting away things you use.

Open Gym

Team WOD: 4-member team, CrossFit Regionals Team Workout 4: For time, w/ 30min cap: The Brief for the WOD will begin at 05:40, we will go around 05:45. If you have been coming in around 0600, try to come in early to integrate with the community and give us some good numbers for this team WOD. We will mix up athletic levels tomorrow, so don't be intimated by the numbers. See you all in the morning!!!

250 Overhead squats (95/65#)
250 Chest to bar pull-ups
250 Kettlebell swings (24/16kg)
250 Double-unders

Each exercise must be completed before moving onto the next exercise. Only one member of the team can workout at once !! the other members can cheer as much as they like.

The video might help for those infant kippers out there.

The Kipping Pullup - Part One from Patrick Cummings on Vimeo.


Greg M said...

Great Crew this morning!!!

Team Greg, Brian, Derek, and Jim --- 250 AS, 250 CTBPU, 230 KBS, 0 DU. It was fun having a huge crew again for Fridays team WODs!!!

Great month of programming by Kay, nice work!!

Noah said...

Team Gwen (sp), Adam, Doug and Noah. Completed the first three movements and 50 double unders when time ran out.

Adam crushed the KBS, Doug destroyed the OHS and Gwynn dominated all three of the movements. I was just hitting my stride on DUs when the bell rang. Great effort everyone.

Ed said...

Team Ed, Kay, and Tammy (sp).
Completed through 160 (or 180, I'm sure Kay will correct) KBS. Great effort by Tammy on her first day.
I anchored the OHS, by that I mean the ladies were dragging me along.
Good crowd this morning!

Kay said...

Ed, you crushed the chest to bar pullups, especially since we were a 3-person team. I lost count on kbs, but I think it was around 162. Welcome to Tammy! She's a natural on overhead squats.

Dave Hudson said...

Team John, Jake, Sarah and Dave - got through 107 Doubleunderstands. As was expected, Jake pulled us through most of the movements - John and I doing sets of 15 OHS, Sarah doing 10, and Jake doing 20. (I think Jake also found the CTBs quite a bit tougher by actually hitting full extension, but he still pulled us through it.) Major props to Sarah (Jake's sister who is visiting) - first day ever of CrossFit. She did REALLY well - especially for her first day.

Dave Hudson said...

And on a totally separate note (and I know that this will apply to 1/10th of 1% of folks who read this blog), anyone out there with large feet, I have a pair of very slightly used Size 15 Pendlay Barbell 2010 lifting shoes that are a little too wide for me. Definitely willing to part with them for $30; they are top quality, generally run (new) for $100-120. This is a very limited time offer, as I will be leaving Monday.

Those of you who have tried Oly Lifting shoes can attest to the difference they make in the Oly lifts (and their progressions, such as in any squat).

Greg M said...

I might buy the shoes to have them on my mantle, I could get them bronzed. I think the placque would read: "Dave Hudson's shoes, the best Toes To Bar athlete ever"


Dave Hudson said...

By no means best (yet)...but by the time its said and done, quite possibly 'The Hardest Worker on TTB' or 'Most Improved,' simply due to my starting point.

And I don't think your mantel is big enough.

Greg M said...

Holy Cow!! Rob Orlando is out, did not finish the swim.

Dave Hudson said...

Yup, the Games' twitter feed said he felt like he was drowning, had to call a lifeguard. One of the women (the one who has to always wear the compressing sleeve on her one leg, can't remember her name) also did not finish the swim.

Games Twitter feed is reporting Amanda Foucher 1st, Sam Briggs (England) 2nd, "Nasty Girl" Annie Sakamoto 3rd.

Men: Josh Bridges 1st, Speal 2nd. ("Live" Scoreboard isn't reporting ANYTHING.)

Mac said...

Awesome time this morning with Kate, Tom, and Steve. We were a little over halfway done with the KB swings when time ran out, but this hard-core team stuck it out afterwards and finished off the WOD! Great effort by all, and a fun WOD to work through some basic movements and help each other out.

Rich said...

Team Mike, Brad, Thom and Rich- I think we were close to 200 KBS when time was called. Good work this morning! Mike was crushing OHS! We scaled to 75.

Missed James this morning!!

Dave or Greg or James- I want to be able to post the RCF Video from the CF Games facebook page on our blog this weekend. And our IMCF video. It will tie into what I'm going to write. Any idea how to do that?? Let me know.

Dave Hudson said...

Rich - embed the IMCF vid like you would any other YouTube vid (no, I don't know how that actually happens...talk to James bout that).

Here's the link for the IMCF Commercial:


From there, click on "share," and then embed. It will then provide you with the link for embedding. (Make sure you select the size video you actually want embedded.)

I don't have the RCF Vid link.

james said...

I did some varied high intensity training for SAMS PT this morning (don't call it CrossFit though).

10 rounds
sprint 200 up a hill
10 pushups or 20 situps

Good PT - an reminded me that PT outside is cool. Noah ...are you listening for september?

Noah said...

James copy all. In September you want to be outside. I'm thinking... climbing trees, swimming the pond between L&C and Eisenhower Hall, wade across Sherman Airfield, land nav for time (no GPS...all lensatic compass and a 1:50K), maybe even a scavenger hunt. The possibilities are endless. Hash run anyone?

Matt said...

Does anyone have don's email address overseas? I can't reach him on ako for some reason. He's looking for Rhabdo prevention tips. He's teaching a foundations class overseas tomorrow, so it's a little bit short notice. They would be

Decrease intensity
Avoid eccentric movements (negatives) especially on pullups
Just stop and recuperate before continuing
Progressively condition yourself so you will natural adapt to increased muscle fiber in the bloodstream.

Can someone send these to him on ako? Any additions or corrections would also be most appreciated.

Jamie Z said...

Other considerations are:
1) there is a link between Rhabdo and people who take statin drugs for high cholesterol...I was one of those people. Statin drugs make it harder to recover from intense workouts and make you more susceptable.
2) Alcohol consumption before an event also makes you more susceptable.