Jul 26, 2011



If you are a L1 CrossFit trainer or want to be a level 1 CrossFit trainer and can help out by either coaching or assisting with the coordination of the monthly fundamentals and other events please get in touch with Greg McLean at gregory.mclean@us.army.mil. Please indicate in your email if your are currently a coach or if there is a particular area you can help out with ...maybe you have a specialty cert? or a manic desire to organise things?

Open Gym

10 min AMRAP:
15 Box jumps (24/20) 
15 GHD sit-ups 
15 GHD Back extensions 

 (if you are new to this CrossFit stuff then do: 30 tuck jumps 30 abmat sit-ups 30 Superman back extensions)

0530 Class

Front Squat ( 3-3-3-3-3) Shoulder Press (3-3-3-3-3)


Team 8min AMRAP: 
15x KB Swing 70/53lb (pacer) 
Row (Calories)


james said...


wondering what a superman is?

Stewart said...

Jamie Z, I like the progression with putting two strength moves together. Soon you will be doing the entire body in every workout! You are looking more like a Strength & Conditioning Coach!!

Ray said...

IMCF in Japan:

2 rounds + 15 boxjumps + 3 situps when 10 minutes ended.

Should call this WOD "burpee" because I felt like hurling the sandwich I had mid-morning. I did run a mile before this- that's my excuse and I'm stick to it.

james said...

6 rounds and 15 box jumps

I hope I can walk tmw

Scott said...

4 rounds + 20 Bench Jumps.

No Box jumps here, so I jumped up onto a bench. It was lower so I did 20 reps. NO GHD avail, so I did 30 ABMAT [without the ABMAT b/c we don't have them either]. I did Back EXT on this 45 degree situp thing [as close as I could get it].

Dave Hudson said...

5 rounds + 15 boxjumps and 12 GHD situps. (Paul, I was wrong...I did get into my 6th round.) Great push by Paul, Tommy D, Steve, and Eric in the "late early morning crowd."

Good to see Debbie and Katie back - and bringing friends too!

Dan said...

3 + 15 box jumps

Mac said...

5 rds+ 15 box jumps, 15 back extensions, 4 GHD sit-ups.

Definitely have that "those GHD sit-ups are going to hurt tomorrow" feeling. Thanks!

Brian S said...

4 rounds + 2 box jumps.

Greg M said...

SAMS PT: We did

1 x 400m Sprint
Jog 100m
1x 200m Sprint
Jog 100m
1 x 100m Sprint
10 x Burpees
Rest 2 mins
Repeat in Reverse

Then did 5 min AMRAP:
Down - Bear Crawl
Back - 3 x Broad Jump/ 3 Burpees

Almost got 2 rounds in, I was smoked.

Greg M said...

It was 5 Burpees not 3 on way back

Noah said...

Hello posterior chain!

4 rds plus 15 box jumps (Dave), 15 back ext's and 4 GHDs. Couldn't get that 5th round complete in time.

Word to the wise. Don't try and do MUs for skill practice with sweaty hands after the WOD. You may just lose your grip on the way up and jack yourself in the jaw with a steel ring. I don't think anyone was looking fortunately.

Jamie Z said...

I used steve's chains thins morning to add dynamic loading. I used 78lbs of chain on the Front Squats and Shoulder press.
FS: 135 - 213 x 3, 155 - 233 x3, 185 - 263 x3, 185 - 263 x3, 185 - 263 x3

SP: 95 - 173 x3, 95 - 173 x3, 95 - 173 x3, 115 - 193 x2 (F3), 115 - 193 x 1 (f2)

Kay said...

5 rounds even. Also did 111 double understand in 3:15.

Dave Hudson said...

Kay - awesome! Glad that your double understands are coming along well! Personally, I'm just going for single understands, particularly in my Globalization Final that I'm finishing up now.

(I think someone's autocorrect got the best of them again. Tell "Pulps the Clown" I said hi.)

For further autocorrect fails that will make you cry with laughter, go to www.damnyouautocorrect.com. Warning: NWFS

Jacob Heppner said...

6 rounds with 15 box jumps, and whatever Kay is on for DU I want it

scottnkelly9901 said...

IMCF in Hohenfels:

4 rds + 15 box jumps
subbed as follows:
hanging leg raise for GHD situp
"Good mornings" for GHD back extentions
All done while wearing IBA w/ plates...after a 3-mile IBA run.

I miss the bubble.

james said...

man just came from seminar - I didn't get a single understand - how kay does doubles I have no idea

Kay said...

I hate autocorrect! Maybe I should read my post before publishing, or maybe double understands are a new WOD, like double under on your hands! There's your new goat, Rich and Dave.

Kay said...

Dave, I saw the website and will be very careful when typing the following: around, car, and R2D2.

Big Helper said...

I got 4 and 10 box jumps. Did 60/90 sprints in the pm. Really glad I linked up with you all. Going to miss you all tomorrow am, the Mrs. has an early work call. See you all again on Friday.

Ed said...

6 rounds + 8 box jumps

Amber said...

Happy to be joining you all. I like this Cross fit thing so far...but only 2 days into it. :) Thanks for being so kind everyone!