Jul 25, 2011

072611 TUESDAY

Open Gym

Press 2-2-2-2-2-2-2-2-2-2 (2x10)

Rest 60 seconds between sets

0530 class

MMD #1 MMD #2 4x 800m


james said...


tackle that sh**

Ray said...

Report from Sasebo Japan:

Did 2-2-2-2-2-2-2-2-1-1-1-1
Had failure at 9th set, could only do 1, so finished doing 1s on what would have been 9 and 10.


james said...

145 across all 10

Scott said...

95 x 3
105 x 4
95 x 3

Felt little pull in right shoulder on 7th and 10th sets. Guess my shoulders are too tight and not "active enough". :)

Greg M said...

115 x 1
125 x 2
120 x 7

Then worked with Jim, Derek, Adam, Matt and Rick on Kipping Pullups. I then tried some Butterfly's for myself, they are getting better.

I am going to do 100 DU this evening to continue to work on my goat.

james said...

3.07 on my 100 DU's

Greg M said...

Nice James, I will post mine later.

kyle hogan said...

Great WOD today, SP is truly in my "wheelhouse", went over press progressions & accomplished a little training with one of our PAs. Good times!

Mac said...

Didn't do the IMCF WOD today, but figured I'd post anyway. I will get on board with the programming, I promise, just working through summer laziness.

On that note, did an AMRAP 20 for fun:
15x 95lb back squats
10x 95lb push press
5x 95lb SDLHP
run 400m

finished 5 rds-200m.

Mac said...

And now that I read the blog from your post, James, I feel like a little sissy...

Kay said...

65 for all sets.
I should tackle the DU as well.

Dave Hudson said...


*Had a shoulder tweak on 4th set, so dropped weight; tried to work back up, but shoulder wouldn't have it. It's definitely coming back (95 would have been tough when it was the worst), but still a little depressing, as my previous 1RM was 165. Might take me a while to get back to that.

Great to meet you today, Mac. (I know that he won't tell you, so I will - Mac is recently arrived from Black and Gold CF at West Point, and is well aware of the shoes of both Neal and Jim H that he's going to have to fill.)

Good vid, James, and good post from CF Lisbeth. (Everyone should check out her blog DAILY.)

Don't suppose that anyone knows of an aspiring filmmaker/videographer who would do something like that video for IMCF (pro bono)? My very novice attempt at something like that was severely hampered by lack of skill and equipment.

Jamie Z said...

I did the 4x 800m intervals this morning. 3:10, 3:08, 3:09, 3:10.

Brian S said...

95-115-135-145-150-155-155-135-135-165*(Fail) spent time after doing some handstands and banging my shins with a jump rope. can't wait to get the year going and get re-focused on fitness. Thanks go out to Dave hudson for roping me into the fold.

Dan said...

1st set at 115, 9 more at 135