Jul 24, 2011

072511 MONDAY

Open Gym

3 RFT of:

5 muscle ups

10 pistols (5 for each leg; or sub 2 airsquats for each pistol) (see video)

16 kettlebell push-ups *

Run 200m

*(one hand on kettlebell, one hand on floor and do 1 push-up, then switch hands for another push-up; must alternate hands each time)

0530 Class

( 3-3-3-3-3)

Bent Over Row

then ...


Wall balls (20lb)


kyle hogan said...

Give a look at the 11 July pix posted!! Thanks Jim for bringing it that day!!

Rich said...

Anyone with good MUs willing to help for a few minutes in the morning? I'm going to scale the WOD with jumping MUs, but wanted to work on getting a few good ones in any case.

james said...

Where is Kyle Hogan when you need him? his MU goat is hanging up by its hind legs ready to be salted.

james said...


Noah said...

Similar to the guy in the video, I'll be doing my pistols with 24 helium balloons in each hand. The dude is a freak of nature.

james said...

Noah - the beard is the magic ingredient you are missing.

kyle hogan said...

Rich it is truly all about the Kip, I only figured that out after watching James. Make the comparission to the clean, you are using open hips, a good shrug, & fast elbows to "get under the bar." same with the rings open your hips get you body horizontal & then rotate forward on the rings.

Kay said...

Kyle - You make it sound so easy!

The guy in the video is a freak! Pistol box jumps??? WTF! (What the Freak!)

I was reading my SHAPE magazine today and saw this description on how to do power cleans:
"Place a 10- to 20-pound bar on the floor in front of you and stand with feet shoulder-width apart. Squat low and grasp the bar with palms facing you, then jump up to standing as you bend your elbows and bring the bar below your chin. Return to starting position; repeat. Do 3 sets of 10 reps." ROTFL!

If you are new to crossfit or power cleans, this is NOT how you do it; be sure to ask someone how to do it properly so you don't get injured, especially when you're lifting heavier weights.

Ray said...

IMCF in Japan:

Did the pullups (muscle ups scaled down) separately and not timed as the gym here is spread out; not conducive to doing some combinations like in the Bubble.

can't do muscle ups or pistols.

10:20 (no pullups, 20 regular pushups, 20 air squats)

Ed said...


Still struggling to chain more than two MU together, those took a while. Pistols are also near the top of my goat list, can't seem to do them without something to balance against.

james said...

9.00 rxed

Greg M said...

10:24, lots of scaling today. MU with bands, Pistols using pole to balance. Two major goats that I stared down today. I also worked on DUs, I did 100, took a long time.

Thanks for the help Rich.

Rich said...

11:00. MUs...suck. I did "jumping MUs" as a scale- failed on the last 3 so I had to drop to bands. Pistols....a little less suck. Used the rack frame for balance on the depth. Getting better. I would be eating an MRE instead of kabob tonight.

Dave Hudson said...

Geez, you mention 3 of your top (bottom?) goats over the weekend, and 2 of them show up on Monday...that'll learn me.

13:10. Did MU progressions (jumping MUs) with (finally), very little pain in my shoulder. Mostly just tightness for the first few...once loosened up, just had to deal with my inner wuss.

Kay said...

20:21 with 10 MU progression per round.

Welcome to April and Sunny, new female Level 1 trainers! Also, welcome back Debbie and Katie.

monroe said...

Did my oly workout first, snatch, C&J, clean pulls and front squat.

WOD 11:06 RX MU's were all singles, that slowed things down considerably. Trying not to chicken-wing myself.

Mac said...

Did the class wod today (with some MU skill work added on to the end for good measure). Also did push presses instead of bent over rows so I wasn't tempted to hurt myself:

Cleans: 95, 115, 135, 155, 175, 185(f)
Push press: 115, 135, 145, 155, 165(f)

3:03 for the follow-on couplet.

Although I should have learned this lesson before, I can reaffirm that working out consistently while you are on leave is important.

kyle hogan said...

9:43 lots of scaling, primarily because I was training one of our PAs & didn't want to show off...was that believable? I was training, but the scaling was just as much for me,

PU & ring dips for MU ( the one thing I'm good with was limited by no place to execute MU)
Air squats for pistols (because I can't do pistols)
Push ups as Rx'd
250 row for the run
Did I mention I miss the bubble???
I sent affiliation application in yesterday for my church!!

Jamie Z said...

Clean 3x 185, 3x 185, 3x 195, 3x 205, 3 x 215

Bent over row: 3x 155, 3x 155, 3x 155, 3x 185, 3x 185

Mini-metcon of 15-12-9 Pull-ups and Wall ball throws = 2:47

Matt said...

18:50 with 10, 5, and 6 MU progression (low rings, butt/feet on ground). Surprised that pistols were *easy* starting with left leg. Surprised to do 1, then 5 were no prob. Then very surprised that they were very hard with my right leg. Seemed an issue with balance/coordination and strength.

Finished with some handstand practice... I mean falling on my head practice.