Jul 19, 2011


0530 Class 

Rear Foot Elevated Split Squat (RFESS)

ADV(5-5-5-3-3-3) INT (5-5-5-3-3) BEG (5-5-5)


30-20-10 of: Box Jumps (24/20) Walking Lunge

Open Gym 

Clean and Jerk 



james said...

Greg - I lied - it is C+J - I will be there from 5.00

Jamie Z said...

Not sure why the 0530 class has RFESS...the WOD for tomorrow is Front Squat 5-5-5-5-5, Shoulder Press 5-5-5-5-5 and a 8min team AMRAP of: 225/135lb deadlift for 15 reps (pacer) and double unders for max reps

Dave Hudson said...

Note that for the Open Gym C&J - it is a TRUE clean (cheeks to heels, not power clean). If you are not strong on getting low on the clean, use this to work on that form rather than simply doing more weight on a power clean because it's more comfortable to you.

For those who still need to give me money for the Oly Clinic going this weekend, I'll be arriving about 0530 tomorrow.

Dave Hudson said...

Also, I just sent a message to everyone whom I am tracking attending the Oly Clinics this Saturday. If you DID NOT receive an email, it means I am not tracking you coming. Send me an email at palerower@gmail.com if you didn't receive an email and think you've got a spot. (Shouldn't be an issue, by the way.)

Ray said...

IMCF Japan:

Open gym WOD

C&J 3-3-3-3-3


Did as Dave Hudson suggested-- did lower weight to work on mechanical accuracy; also first C&J in some time, so wanted to ensure form is good rather than just do HPC

Greg M said...

Worked on form for Cleans only today. 3-3-3-3-3/125/155/175/185/185. Had some stiffness in the shoulders so I just work on cleans.

Welcome to my neighbor Derek, who came in to see what it is all about.

kyle hogan said...

135 x 5
Really focused on good form open hips, shrugs, & lumbar curve. Finished with a few squat cleans again working form.

rett.burroughs said...

MetAL is back!

Report from 4/4 Mountain Warrior IMCF. This Brigade is big into functional fitness and Cross Fit.

Workout this morning was run 1 mile, 21-15-9 TTB and dips, run 2 miles.

This altitude is no joke.


Dave Hudson said...

I also stuck to cleans only to save my shoulder for Saturday's clinic (after doing some warmup on the full C&J at 95#).


Yes, I did an additional set, going off the premise that any sets below 85% of the max don't count. My previous PR had been 205; can't complain about a 20# bump in PR, though I did feel that I might have had enough left to get 230 or 235.

D Beasley said...

stuck with cleans only at 105 125 135 135 135 - left shoulder not real keen on overhead work at present

Rich said...

Worked with 135. Did full C&J trying to focus on form. Form fell off on later sets. Biggest take away on the jerk was my dip/drive- I was dipping by bending at the waist, not dipping at the knees with chest high. Good pointers from James and Greg.

james said...

sorry Jamie - I must have grabbed the wrong end of the stick

I ran out of time but 175 - 185 -185 -185

then went and ran around for 40 minutes playing "Gator ball" in the name of "learn and play new sports"

Kay said...

Oops, I did power cleans, I think. 93# across the board.

Noah said...


One exercise I have very little experience with.

Jamie Z said...

Front Squat starting at 70%: 5x185, 5x195, 5x195, 225x4(f5), 225x2(f3); Shoulder Press with 75% 5x(5x135). I canged the mini-metcon based on Double Under ability to 3min AMREP bodyweight deadlift for reps with 15 tuck jump pacer. Mark Peer and I did 46 DL at 225.

monroe said...

Warmeed up with mobility drills, did my 100 pushups & squats, some jump rope work.
Kept the C&J light, working on speed through the middle, 115 across. Finished by flipping the tire up and back no rest.

Edward said...

Stuck with 135 to work on form, still ended up on my bum at one point when I let my weight rock back too far on my heels, so it goes. Looking forward to the cert on Saturday.

Scott said...

95 x 2 sets Warm up, then:
Really concentrated on deep squat. Form felt good this time, but my squat feels like I am going in slow motion.

Dave Hudson said...

Scott - which part of the squat? Do you mean going down, coming up, or both?