Jul 18, 2011

071911 TUESDAY


3ID will be using the bubble from 0600 -0900 tomorrow. It is a slight inconvenience but I think it is the least we can do to support a CG who is pushing CrossFit and functional fitness.

Open Gym

For Time:

Run 5km
Row 6km
Swim 2km

0530 Class

MMD #1
MMD #2
10x 30 : 60 (hard : recover)


Kay said...

For those who want to run, a suggested 5k route would be to start at the bubble, and run along the golf course (on Cody Rd) going west toward Biddle, turn right on Biddle Blvd (at the Fire Station), turn right on Pope Ave (at Munson Clinic), stay on Pope and cross over Grant, turn right on Scott Ave, run along the river staying on Sherman Ave, then right on Stimson Ave until you cross Grant and return to the bubble.

Jamie Z said...

All of my guys. Meet at the bubble. We are doing 3 miles for time as briefed today in the gym.

Scott said...

Glad to see 3ID CDR is encouraging CrossFit. Here at Gordon, we don't have any CF Equipment. No one kettlebell, set of rings, or bumper weights. Well they do have some, but they say "leg machine use only"--now that makes sense. NOT. Both of the pools are under construction, good timing for Georgia in the summer. There's not even a rowing machine in any of the six gyms on post. How Sad!! But we do have two tanning beds, two massage rooms, and a smoothie bar. I just need to get some gold chains and an IROC and I'll be back in Jersey for sure.

Man do I miss the bubble [gym and people].

Dave Hudson said...

24:11. Definitely not breaking any land speed records. (I apologize in advance to my Warrior Dash brethren and sistren(?))

Seeing 70 folks (of wildly divergent abilities) doing a 20-minute AMRAP in the bubble is quite awesome. Suddenly wishing I was part of 3ID..

Rich said...

Finished at 21:06. I was clipping a sub 20min pace...but circled back 3 times to check on my wingman. Happy with the run because I'm getting faster. I guess this whole "interval training" of the first 2 metabolic pathways works!

Edward said...

opted for the swim this morning - one of my goats.

~30 minutes for 40 laps . . . 2000 yards, so a bit yet to go. On the upside, I didn't drown.

monroe said...

I did 5.44k in 31:52. Reminded me of an old Humble Pie song, "Hot and Nasty."

Watched the 3ID staff in the bubble this morning, good stuff!

Kay said...

Scott- too funny!
I ran 3k from my home but forgot to time it. I'm sure it was pretty slow. Good to hear my old division is doing CF. Ft Stewart recently converted a section of one gym to CF.

Jamie Z said...

I did my 3-mile run this morning in 23:35. Have to agree on the hot, wet and nasty. The humidity was the real killer. Remember, enviroment change counts for "varied" in the execution of functional movement.....

Greg M said...

Have to get mine this evening, I conducted a sitting squat at Saint Johns Hospital from 2200-0100 to repair a cut above Gunnar's left eye from a bicycle crash. It was a great adventure, thankfully no stitches just some Durabond glue and a little drama.

Noah said...

7 (or 8) rounds. Scaled OHS to 65#.

Scott said...

Did the 3 mile route on the big dirt track here at Gordon.
Easy Pace first half
then Medium pace with a little kick last 200m.