Jul 17, 2011

071811 MONDAY


Are you wondering exactly what FGB 6 is??

Open Gym

AMRAP 16 min of

5 chest to bar pull-up 
10 OHS (135/95) 
15 KB swings (55/35)

0530 Class

Clean ( 5-5-5-5-5) Bent Over Row (5-5-5-5-5)


KB Clean w/ 2x 35/20 lb KB 
Ball Slams 20 / 14lb


james said...

Has anyone else noticed that since 02 Jul 11 some clown called "Pukie" has been doing the mainsite posts?

kyle hogan said...

Squats are still quite a limiting factor for me. Had to scale considerably, (65 lbs) to work form. Dropping steel in a globo gym with no bumpers = quality stares......

kyle hogan said...
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Greg M said...

Had an interesting weekend. Did a WOD with Crossfit Manhattan using Kettlebells and Wallballs. A two person team had to throw a 30lb ball and do 4 burpees, then the other team member had to take the kettle bell to that spot and do 10 swings, we turned around at 200 yards and then the kettle bell turned into 10 squats. We alternated from KB and Wallball. It was a fun event conducted at a local park.

Then my oldest son and I did a Father and Son Basketball Camp at Kansas State. I have not run that many line drills since I was 18. They took the fathers and sons threw drills separately on Saturday and then on Sunday brought us together to teach our sons what we have learned. During we played games throughout. I felt like a kid again, what a great experience. I found out that I can still play basketball and look like a star against overweight dads. I am feeling it though from all the sprints over two days.

monroe said...

To be clear, MG Abrahms and his group have the Bubble reserved for 70 of their folks from 0630-0730 tomorrow, Tuesday the 19th.
I have no direction to set anything up, so just ensure everything is in its place when you are done tomorrow. I'm supposed to meet with the general this afternoon. I'll post any news.

Jamie Z said...

5x 165, 5x 165, 5x 165, 5x 175, 5x 185(f5)

Bent over Row: 5x 135, 5x 135, 5x 155, 5x 160, 5x 165

15-12-9 of 95lb Clean and 20lb Ball slams in 2:35

Kay said...

6 rds with 63# bar.

Dave Hudson said...

Hit up a WOD at CrossFit Evergreen in Evergreen, CO today:

Tabata of 115# (men's Rx) push press (12 rounds). My score was 3 (yes, 3). Went something along the lines of 7, 6, 5, 5, 4, 5, 4, 4, 3, 4, 3, 4. Then tabata abmat situps. (8 rounds). My score was 11; max round was 15. Small crowd of about 8 folks.

If you ever find yourself in or around Evergreen and want to WOD in a sleepy mountain town at 7500' elevation, CFE is a great place. Owned and run by Mike Vogl, a retired O6. He comps your first visit.

james said...

5 pullups of round six. I found using a 2 pood KB slightly distracting but rxed apart from that.

Rich said...

6 rounds; scaled to 95 on OHS. Form was kind of weak on later rounds. BIG takeaway was Active Shoulder (blinding flash of the obvious, I know) That seemed pretty easy on the board...not so much.

monroe said...

Six rounds, 5 pullups. OHS scaled to 120. Good stuff, wish there were more noon PT folks though.

Snivels and alibi's: I added 100 pullups to my daily pushups and squats of the same number. Made CTB fun today!

Had two beers and a slice of pizza last night. Felt some gut irritation today. Distracting. Not as much as a 2 pood KB tho, what the hell, James?

Iron Major CrossFit Coordinator said...

we were a little short on KB this morning .. I drew the short straw

Edward said...

five rounds + 5PU + 1OHS

OHS @ 115lb, KB @ 55lb

Still not confident on OHS, definitely the limiting factor here.

Scott said...

6 rounds + 5 CTB Pull ups + 7 OHS.
Scaled OHS to 65#
No KB, so did DB @ 45#.
OHS still my goat. But form getting better, I can see I am going deeper with weight overhead. Not ready to ramp weight up yet.