Jul 14, 2011

071511 FRIDAY

A reminder about the weightlifting seminars  on 23 Jul 11, also immediately after the course around 1330 hrs Dave Hudson will run a 30 - 40 Minute rowing clinic for anyone who wants to go faster in their pretend row boat.

 Goats anyone?

While on unpaid annoucements - anyone who is flexible like a broom (ie. middle aged Army officers) might want to check out www.mobilitywod.com

Harney Gym does a fantastic job in supporting the Bubble (basically they let IMCF do whatever we want and get us new equipment) if you want to make a positive ICE comment then please follow the link.

 0530 Class

“Coach Dan John Complex”

AMRAP 20min of: 
6x Deadlifts 
6x Clean Pulls 
6x Close Grip Snatch 
6x back Squat 
6x Good Mornings 
6x Bent over Rows

Open Gym 

Team WOD: 3-member team, 20 min AM-KBS.  1 team member runs 400m.  Meanwhile, the other two teammates alternate between KBS and plank; when the person doing the plank no longer can hold the plank position, switch tasks; continue alternating between KBS and plank until first person returns from run.  Score is the total number of kettlebell swings per team.                             


Kay said...

To clarify on the Team WOD: 3-person team. Athlete 1 runs 400m; meanwhile, athlete 2 does a plank, and athlete 3 does kettlebell swings. Alternate between plank and KBS when athlete 2 drops from the plank. Continue alternating as required. When athlete 1 returns, athlete 2 runs, and athletes 1 and 3 alternate between plank and KBS. When athlete 2 returns, athlete 3 runs, and athletes 1 and 2 alternate between planks and KBS. Keep a running total of KBS for the team's total score.

Jamie Z said...

For those that might have wanted to do the 0530 Class WOD. I will not be there to coach it. I swill be at my SAMS seminar PT session. BTW< this will be the last Friday for the forseeable future that I will post a WOD.

Tanker Steve said...

Greetings from Kelly Hill. Things are going great with the first week of Crossfit for my shop. The crowd is growing and I need to do some type of foundation training.

Dave: do you any IMCF courses that you could send me on desk or post on you tube?

Also, how can I get my shop tied not doing FGB?

Miss the team, but glad to see the crowd is growing again.

Rock Of The Marne....

Dave Hudson said...

Steve - not anything that I can put on Youtube (WAY too large), but I do have vids that, if I can get a break, will cut to DVD and send to you. I'll shoot you a message about it over email.

As for FGB - couple of options here. a) find a local affiliate that's doing it; most usually don't charge for you to come in and do it, since it's for charity b) request usage of equipment (i.e. reserve it) at a military functional fitness gym. Kay is organizer ours...she may have further TTPs (particularly in organizing it yourself).

Kay said...

Steve - I'll forward to you information I have from FGB last year.

Great job this morning on the Team WOD, everyone! Team Lori, Jeanine and Kay did 408 KBS.

Welcome to IMCF new Level 1 trainers - Sean and Brian!

Dave Hudson said...

Team Brian, Eric and Dave managed 483 KBS. Contrary to previous thoughts about this WOD, there was no "rest." Major props to my teammates who had to rush through their KBS because I can't hold a plank for very long.

Kay - another great WOD, another great week of programming. My traps hate you right now (power snatch, thrusters, and KBS 3 days in succession tends to smoke them).

Jacob Heppner said...

450 reps on KBS, for the two person team, would've been nice to have another person, seemed like all we did was run.

Jacob Heppner said...
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Eric said...
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