Jul 13, 2011


Open Gym

3 RFT of 
10 Thrusters (95/65) 
15 GHD sit-ups 
20 bar-facing burpees 

(Substitute Abmat sit-ups for GHD sit-ups as follows: Beginners do 15 Abmat SU per round; Intermediate do 30 Abmat SU or 10 GHD SU per round.)

0530 class

Weighted Pull-ups                        ADV(3-3-2-2-1-1)                     INT (3-3-2-2-1)                     BEG (3-3-3)


Dionne said...

Since the Bubble is reserved tomorrow and next Tuesday from 1200-1600, does this mean that those of us that work out at lunch will not be able to use the Bubble during that timeframe?

Kay said...

I want to emphasize to those who have not done many GHD sit-ups before - do the alternate exercise or lower number of reps; you'll still get a good workout. Too many GHD sit-ups too soon can cause injury.

Kay said...
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james said...

Dionne - no way sister!! it only us from SAMS doing a fundamentals - come on down - it will be good for people to see folks working out

on another note Yay Burpees!! SAMS seminar 4 freaking loves them

Dionne said...

Thanks James.

Noah said...

James stole (verbatim) what I was going to post when I saw the WOD for tomorrow..."Yeah burpees!"

Although in Australia they must say it "Yay". Where I'm from you'd get your a** beat saying it that way.

Dave Hudson said...

Dionne - I stand corrected. Just know that there will be a bunch of folks in there at that time.

Ray said...

IMCF in Japan:

28:16 for 10 thrusters (65#)
15 abmat situps
10 (vice 20) bar facing burpees.

Burpees really do make me want to throw up, especially near the end. Took a few minutes for the urge to subside.

No one CrossFits here so all the dudes posing and doing curls in front of the mirror all no doubt were wondering why I hopping up and down and looked like I was lying on the deck afterwards.

Greg M said...

Good WOD Kay....9:30, had to sub ABMAT during the second round due to a BUNCH of athletes in the Bubble this morning.

This is awesome, the morning crew keeps growing and growing.

Tomorrow is a 3-person Buddy WOD, we will conduct a brief at 0545 and begin shortly after. The WOD is not technical at all, so come on out and get some.

See you all in the morning.

james said...

Ray - I think you have accurately summarized the whole worlds feeling towards burpees ...but then again anything is better than bicep curls.

10.55 rxed

Edward said...

10:29 as Rx'd.

Huge crowd in the bubble this morning - great to see the group growing again.

Scott said...

Happy days. All of my uniforms do not fit. I am no longer a LARGE REG ... I have entered the world of MED REG. :) Thanks Crossfit.


Rich said...

10:30ish as RXd. I was just in front of James, but that is because James lost count on burpees...I don't think I would have finished ahead of him if he didn't.

Great Energy in the huge crowd this morning!! And a lot of it SAMS folks pursuaded by James' pitch on Tues. Even better is that there are a bunch of folks here for PCC doing CrossFit...which tells me the greater community back in our units is catching on as well.

Scott- great news brother!! Keep going!!!

Jacob Heppner said...

7:16 Rx'd, huge crowd this morning, had to wait and start when all the equipment was open.

Jamie Z said...

Did the strict weighted pull-ups this morning. With a body weight of 215 I did the following sets: 3x 45, 3x 45, 2x 45, 2x 45, and 1x 55, 1 x55. We did a finisher to see after maxing out on weight what we had left in the tank for body weight reps. I did 12.

Kay said...

12:09 as rx'd (65# bar).
I echo everyone about how great it is to see a big group. We still miss you 11-01'ers who have scattered around the world. Congrats Scott! Jake-you're a machine!

Dave Hudson said...

11:15 Rxd. First round unbroken. Second and third rounds had to break the thrusters and GHDs in about half. GHDs were definitely felt after the high-rep TTB yesterday.

Great job by both Eric (K) and Brian (newly arrived L1 looking to get involved and some coaching in). Thanks for the push, fellas.

Jake - I am now petitioning to be your coach for the games next year.

monroe said...

The reservation Monday is for Gen Abrahms and his staff, about 70 folks

Dave Hudson said...

Sir - thanks. Do appreciate it; we will adjust programming (and/or timing), as 70 folks in the gym will certainly be taxing to the space and equipment available as it is, much less with the crowds we've been seeing recently. (An AWESOME challenge to have!)

On a related note, I did confirm with Helen that the Bubble will be on (hopefully with AC - I did specifically request it) on both 23 July 0800-1500 (Oly Seminars) and 30 July 0800-1330 (Foundations).

Greg M said...

I think my Math was a little off this morning. 10:30 not 9:30.

monroe said...

3ID just requested Tuesday the 20 July instead of Monday, which I just cleared with Helen. I requested they start at 0630 vice 0600 to relieve pressure on the AM crowd. System Admin won't connect me to you in Outlook. Do you have a new address?

Dave Hudson said...

Sir - roger that, thanks. Do you mean Tuesday the 19th? (The 20th is Wednesday.) Sorry if I'm confusing the issue.

Also- because I'm no longer an ILE student (nor SAMS), I'm no longer in the post computer systems. You can reach me at either david.m.hudson@us.army.mil or palerower@gmail.com . I check the gmail address more frequently.

monroe said...

Dave, yes I meant the 19th, thanks.

As for the WOD, 12:26 rx. All reps unbroken, probably need to update the intensity.
Day 14 of 100 push ups/squats per day. Physical adaptation not all that difficult- yet. On the mental side this is a real test of discipline that is building my psychological resilience. Also forcing me to be more disciplined in nutrition.

Eric said...

13:27 (80# bar and 2:1 ABMAT sub).

Beginning my third month in Crossfit and starting to notice some results in strength and endurance. Thanks to Dave and everyone else for the TTPs!

Noah said...

13:55. Another doozy.


James, when you have time to send me the roster we spoke of or else point me to the cloud in the sky that it sits in it would be much appreciated.

Iron Major CrossFit Coordinator said...

Noah - i just kicked out the cloud invite to your Army email

J. Fennell said...

From Fort Carson:

14:28 - scaled the GHD s/u to 10, as it was the first time I did them in in WOD.