Jul 11, 2011

071211 TUESDAY

Open Gym 

5-5-5-5-5 deadlift

0530 Class

MMD #1 x 1                                MMD #2 x1                                 8x 200m            


Greg M said...

Worked on form today, my back was still a little tight from playing 81 holes of golf this past weekend. 245 all five sets.

Good luck to Rich and James as they teach SAMS 12-01 "What is Crossfit" today.

I put the clock up above the Wallball wall today, hopefully I will be getting out banner up by the end of the week.

Kay said...

135 for all 5 sets. I worked on form so didnt max out. Big shout out to the new peeps like Lori, Eddie, Brad, Azema (sp?), and Gwen! Also, welcome to all the other new faces. I see some experienced new people, so IMCF should still be going strong!

D Beasley said...

225 across. Good to be back after a hiatus working thru some disc impingement and making the acquaintance of a local chiropracter

Dave Hudson said...

345-375-385-405-425(F-3 Reps)

A ninja must have come and bolted the bar to the ground between the 3rd and 4th rep of my last set, because it was NOT moving off the ground.

Props to Eric, who not only went over his previous max (of any type), but also went over 200# for the first time. As Rett would say...METAL!

Greg M said...

Outstanding presentation by James and Rich this morning on "What is Crossfit", Nutrition and how Crossfit applies to Army fitness and test. IMCF was well represented, and there is no way any negativity towards Crossfit could come from your brief. I have already been asked by 6 SAMSters when they can come try it out.

Nice job guys!!!!

Devil Dog said...

Concur with Greg...great brief this morning, Rich and Davo!

Edward said...


Still a bit nervous about my back, but unbroken sets at 275, so next time I'll be going up in weight.

Noah said...


275 had to be broken up. But, seeing how my 1RM last Aug when I started CrossFit was ~275 I am happy and so is my back.

kyle hogan said...

1st crack @ Murph 49:48 as Rx'd, no vest. I looked at the dead-lift WOD for today & thought trying to fly after that my suck. 
* 1 mile run (8:00)
* 100 pull-ups
* 200 push-ups
* 300 squats
* 1 mile run (10:01)

Jamie Z said...

Your bad day on deadlifts is better than my best day on deadlifts. Good job on those lifts. Also, kudos to James and Rich for a good briefing.

BTW, the 200m sprints were a smoker after yesterdays deadlifts and glute ham raises....

Dave Hudson said...

Jamie - don't get me wrong, it wasn't a 'bad' day. (ANY day I get to deadlift heavy is a good day.) 405 is just short of 90% of my 1RM (460), so maxing out at 5 reps at 405 is just fine by me. (Still gets me closer to my goal of 500.)

Ray said...


Took the weight off on the last set as I felt like I wasn't keeping good lumbar form.

J. Fennell said...

From Fort Carson:
Kind of lost the edge on the last rep of my 225 set. Seeing slow improvements!

Scott said...


I may go up higher next time, but better to ease back into the weights. I am happy with it though. Finnally getting into some type of routine here at Ft. Gordon [a most non Crossfit friendly post].