Jul 5, 2011


Open Gym

TRX 40/40 Challenge: 

For time:

40 push-ups/crunch with feet in rings
Rest two minutes
40 inverted "Granny" pull-ups (ring row) 

TRX 40/40 Atomic Pushup/Low Row Challenge by undergroundwellness

0530 Class

Rear Foot Elevated Split Squat (RFESS)


 INT (3-3-3-2-2) 

 BEG (3-3-3)

Then ...

21-15-9 of: KB Swing (70/53lb) Ball Slams (20/14)


james said...

I apologise for the gentleman in the video and strongly recommend you turn the sound off unless you want to be annoyed to death.

Kay said...

I tried and failed at this challenge at a TRX vendor tent at the Teva Mountain Games. If you did it successfully, you would win a set of TRX straps.

Kay said...

Wow, that guy is really annoying. Oh, for the challenge, I did 31 pushups and barely 30 rows.

Dave Hudson said...

Do I get to count each of mine as 2? I should get a handicap for the handicap that is the length of my arms.

Air Force Steve said...

James - You got this, easy! Somebody bring the video.

kyle hogan said...

Max effort OHS-FS-BS
Not my best effort but I did my best to ensure I was mechanically correct.

Followed with 
TRX 40/40 challenge
Forgot to start my clock 1 min ish on both sets did 20-10-10 on push ups & 30-10 on rows, used my rings in lew of TRX straps. 

KellyOBoian said...

Total time 4.54
22 - Push ups before rest
20 - Rows before rest

Definitely have some room for improvement

Dave Hudson said...

15 Pushups (shoulder being the limiting factor) before rest; 33 rows before rest. 7:04 total time to get 40/40; pushups took a while.

Also got a 48" flat-footed boxjump and a 54" walk-up boxjump afterwards.

Kay said...

I didn't do as well this time- 20 pushups before rest and 25 rows before rest. The straps make the pushups much more challenging.

james said...

total time 5.27 with the 2 minute rest

40 pushup things unbroken then 20 -5-5-4-3-3 on the ring rows

Greg M said...

5:13 with 2 min rest in between; 1:30 for PU things and 1:43 for ring rows.

Kay said...

I just passed the CGSC Foundation store, and the got a new shipment of the new style gray tshirts. They're nice!

monroe said...

Did some different stuff today, oly work, weighted pullups, and pistols. This month my son and I are doing a challenge of 3100 pushups, 3100 squats. SO far, the old man is in the lead, 100 of each every day up to this point. Surprisingly, no other work is suffering as a result. Got 60 pistols today before finally tottering over.
Lonely at Lunch

J. Fennell said...

5:48 total time with 1:30 break.
Atomic push-ups: 13-10-9-5-3
Rows: 15-10-10-5
Brutal and short. Liked it!