Jul 4, 2011

070511 TUESDAY

Open Gym 

Find your One rep maximum for the following:

Overhead Squat
Front Squat
Back squat

0530 class

MMD #1                                  MMD #2                                         1x Mile                                               2x 800                                              4x 400


james said...

225-245 -265 man it took some time though!!

Dave Hudson said...

Won't be able to hit this up due to travel, though looks to be a great WOD. Probably hit it up on Saturday.

Did get a good WOD at RedPoint on Saturday (a farewell WOD for one of their clients):


5 Muscle Ups
10 deadlifts (295)
15 KBS (70)
20 Burpees
400m run


(Nate Schrader, who was #2 at the Mid-Atlantic Regional, finished while I was still in my KBS.)

Kay said...

I'll be doing this in the afternoon.

J. Fennell said...


Dialing in from McKibben gym at Fort Carson. Tried the other gyms recently (Garcia, Waller, Forrest), but Mckibben has the best set up for CF.

First time doing FS and it took some getting used to. I have discovered that OHS and FS are all about technique and balance.

Edward said...

OHS - 160
FS - 235
. . . followed by a FS fail at 245 and a 'pop' in my back/shoulder blade that is still quite painful this afternoon, will likely be taking it easy the next few days as this is not a muscle soreness-type feeling.

Kay said...

Then I did yesterday's WOD of 200 DU in 7 min.

Jamie Z said...

1-mile in 7:06
800 in 3:30
800 in 3:29
400 in 1:30
400 in 1:33
400 in 1:29
400 in 1:30

KellyOBoian said...

OHS - 140
FS - 230
BS - 280