Jul 3, 2011

070411 MONDAY

Open Gym 

For time:

 200 Double Unders (DU)
(if 200 DU takes less than 5 minutes)

Note the bubble is closed ...not sure about Gruber.


Rich said...

Anyone want to meet at my house or the Bradley elem playground to work on DUs as a group, I can help. I'll be up around our normal workout time. Post and I'll meet you. It is a soft rubber playground, so it won't hurt the RX ropes.

Rich said...

Oh, and the post says If 200 takes less than 5 minutes....I thought there was more for it, like add ...then go for 300??

Air Force Steve said...

Gruber is closed as well.

Crossfit Skopje said...

Hey Rich I really want to come to show you my progression in DU, but it is kinda too far away...
This time I'll challenge myself for 200 DU. I'll post my time.

Since I do the programing for my box "CrossFit Skopje" and plus I'm the only one in my country that is doing CF, I continue to follow IMCF programing.

Happy Independence Day to all

Zoran Ivanov

kyle hogan said...

16:17......ugly only begins to describe my performance.....
Followed with "1/4 Angie"
25 pull ups
500m row
25 push ups
500m row
25 sit ups
500m row
25 air squats
500m row
14:43....just as ugly!

james said...

no rx rope friendly surface nearby so i did Tosh instead


Run 3 x (200m, 400m, 600m)

Work:Rest of 1:1. Rest the exact time it takes to complete each distance in a set. For example, run 200m in 35 seconds, rest 35 seconds, run 400m in 75 seconds, rest 75 seconds, etc.

james said...

Rich I think it was 400 hundred if the two hundred took less tha 5 - sorry I fat fingered it

Dave Hudson said...

Did this one today (Tuesday) at home in NC. Got 200 in about 4:30, 400 in 9:38.