Jun 10, 2011

You Are CrossFit

As founder of an open-source fitness program, Greg Glassman views himself as sitting in the caboose, not the locomotive.

Speaking at a CrossFit 101 seminar held at CrossFit Long Island City on Oct. 9, 2009, Coach explained that the people driving CrossFit are the athletes and trainers in boxes and garages from Helsinki to Sydney to Santa Cruz. Communities are developing within each box, and the global CrossFit community is a truly special thing to behold. Coach Glassman has visited a host of boxes as part of his 101 speaking tour, and he’s clear about just why he travels to gyms all over the world:

“That became my purpose and that’s why I’m on the road: to let the affiliates know that we care deeply about your business.”

As the community grows, it becomes more and more obvious that CrossFit goes beyond muscle-ups, thrusters and pull-ups, and perhaps that’s another reason why it succeeds where the standard Globo Gym routine fails.

“There’s a lot more to what we’re all doing and all about than just fitness,” Coach says. “This isn’t just another fitness program.”

You are CrossFit in your unit.  You are the key to physical and mental preparedness for your Soldiers.  Right now there are two types of IMCF athletes; those who are about to become locomotive ‘engines’ and those who are still training to become such.  Ft. Leavenworth Garrison, CGSC, and IMCF have created an amazing proving ground for leaders to take functional fitness to the military and prepare our Soldiers, Saliors, Airman, and Marines for combat and our families to deal with the challenges of long deployments.
 Those who have just graduated ILE are at the cutting edge of this preparation.  They will hone the special skills of their warriors to deploy, fight, and win.  Fitness is the corner stone of that preparation and they have the right tools to do it appropriately. 
Those who remain have the opportunity to continue to prepare for their turn to be the ‘locomotive’ engine.  You don’t have as much time as you think; the best year of your life goes quickly.  Make every day that you step into the bubble count. 
Finally, all of us had an introduction to CrossFit.  How grateful are you to that person who got you started and ‘on-ramped’ you?   Consider the incoming CGSC class and many permanent party members on post.  Let’s find those who are ready to improve their fitness.  Find those who want to make lasting and meaningful changes in their personal health and are want the same for their units and families.  It’s time to build IMCF again.    

Tomorrow's Functional Fitness 'Locomotive' Engines


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