Jun 4, 2011

No More Fat Guy - Story of Hard Work

“The first day I walked into the gym, everyone was doing the CrossFit Total,” he says. “The first thing that went into my mind after I walked in the door was I was going to turn around.”

Two-and-a-half years ago he was 260 lb. He’s now 60 lb. lighter, and Daly says CrossFit has “really done a lot to improve my life.”

“It basically changed my life in so many different ways,” he says.

With CGSC 11-01 about to graduate and the Spring APFT, there have been a few recent posts that testify to the changes that CrossFit has made in their lives. Some came to Ft. Leavenworth already familiar with CrossFit but most started while here. Story after story talked about how CrossFit has increased their fitness but more importantly it improved their health. They also discuss the psychological gains they've made through the community that is IMCF. Congratulations to all who have made changes in their lives and remember that fitness & health is a 'marathon', not a 'sprint'. Keep the faith.

Click here to go to the CFJ and watch John talk about his transformation (you have to have a subscription to watch the video but anyone can read the article).


Jamie Z said...

Got the Rx Rope today and I am itching to use it monday morning. Goats here I come...Yea Ha....

rob said...

Saturday's Foundations class was awesome. We had 17 athletes and 8 coaches. There were two items worth mentioning about this class. First, it was a very personal for several of the coaches. When we advertise for a foundations class, we generally don't personally know those that sign up. There are a few exceptions as we can get a friend, peer, or family member to come out. But the masses are unknown to us when they come to a monthly foundations. Yesterday, with the exception of three people, every athlete was connected to an instructor and attended by personal inviation. Bill had two co-workers who attended. Tanker Steve had a former boss attend. The rest were either people I worked with or from my neighborhood.

Second, we did a demo-WOD before every lecture. We had one coach narrate what was occuring as several coaches executed a WOD (not the entire thing in the interest of time). What this did in a very short amount of time was introduce 13 exercises, teach about scaling, and AMRAP, RFT, etc. It only took 2 - 3 minutes each WOD and was well worth the effort.

Thanks to Dave, Bill, Steve, Rett, Matt, Zoran...and I think I'm one coach short; I apologize! Scott also called me at 0730 and offered to come help if we needed another coach but I was able to wave him off. This strong showing by our coaches is another testament to IMCFs committment to giving back to the community.