Jun 17, 2011

Functional Fitness Focus or CrossFit First?

Last week's post talked about the engines that have been created through IMCF...some are on the way to their units now, and some are still here for a little while longer before they take off and try to expand functional fitness to their battalions (squadrons, dets, ships, etc....we are Joint after all!).  So the next question to ask ourselves is whether we go to our units as purveyors of CrossFit or are we proponents of functional fitness and CrossFit as a program is the best means we have seen to meet the goals of functional fitness and increase the physical fitness preparedness requirements for us, our Soldiers and our units?  It's worth brining up again; how will you pitch functional fitness in your unit?
Look at these articles: 
Mission Essential Fitness at Ft. Bliss
Functional Training at Ft. Belvoir.

One thing these articles have in common is that they show there are some good facilities and programs emerging out there,  They are focused on a form of functional fitness.  They are open to everyone, but not available everyday.  They can become a cumbersome "scheduling challenge" for even the best S3 shop, and may not meet the desired end for every Soldier in your unit.  And they are going to cost the Army a lot of money...which may become scarce.  And none of them say CrossFit.

The Army is in the midst of changing the physical fitness requirements.  Obviously, some posts around the Army are catching on and are already implementing programs, at the post level, that allow for units to come train a few days a week.  But not all units can go to these facilities at the same time, and not all leaders have accepted the impending changes of TC 3-22.20.  So, how can you use this information to strengthen your case for implementing functional fitness in your units without these large overhead programs?  The post about austere training equipment is a great place to get something started at the unit level, and armed with some information on how other posts are doing it, you may be able to break the mold in your new units.  Are you prepared to demonstrate the differences between what these programs offer versus what you bring to the unit with CrossFit? 

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Iron Major CrossFit Coordinator said...

Lynne - with Old school Iron weights at the Citadel - 60 seconds rest between rounds @185 (no not by body weight. 32 bench and 75 pullups