Jun 28, 2011

062911 Wednesday


3 RFT                           
200m Run                          
20 Toes to Bar
10 Thrusters (95/65lbs)                          
10 GHD Situps

0530 Class

Rear Foot Elevated Split Squat (RFESS) ADV(5-5-5-3-3-3) INT (5-5-5-3-3) BEG (5-5-5)


30-20-10 of:
Box Jumps (24/20) 
Walking Lunge


Jamie Z said...

For all of my guys...Since the SAMS run is tomorrow morning if you do not feel comfortable doing the WOD join in with the open gym group.

Rich said...

What is with the weight on TTB? how does that work?

Iron Major CrossFit Coordinator said...

Just your body weight Rich. Here is a great video to teach you how to do the kipping TTB. Rob put this out a few weeks ago.


Matt H said...

I guess I will be doing more than the RXed 53# on the TTB that is a first-scale up in weight.

Greg M said...

All, misprint on the WOD tomorrow, the TTB is just body weight only. Sorry for the mix-up.

D Beasley said...

16:41 - TTB digressing to KTE, most notably last round

Dave Hudson said...

17:00 Rx'd (adjusted Thrusters and GHDs). The TTB were better, but still was the long pole in the tent.

kyle hogan said...

Great WOD had to scale a but, sub'd 10 ea rd of KTB for TTB, sub'd 75 lbs after 1st rd for thrusters
20 x GHD sit ups
24:45...,.ugly & quality looks running through the globo gym this morning!!

Rich said...

Did this with Greg this morning before the SAMS run (that was for Noah). 14:15. I hadGreg going into the last SETI thrusters, but alas he was more powerful thaniwasa blew past me. Great push Greg!

Greg M said...

14:00, this was a good push to do before the SAMS run (Noah). Thanks for the push Rich! Rich and I was going back and forth this morning, he would get me on Run and TTB, then I would catch up on Thrusters.

Thanks for Andy coming in to join the group, nice work!!

Friday is going to be a two person team WOD, should be fun.

monroe said...

I opted for "Kettle bell Hell"
with a 55# KB:
20 TGU
20 walking lunges KB racked
20 2 hand swings
20 lunges
20 snatch
20 lunges
20 windmills
20 lunges
20 clean and press
Warm up was 3x15 push ups, squats
Followed WOD with 6 sets of 5 strict dead-hang chins
On another note, Kelly Moore, one of the original fire breathers of CF suffered a ruptured disc at the hands of a well intentioned PT earlier this year. After a discectomy she's on the road to recovery but could use some words of encouragement. Kelly handles cert registration for CFHQ. You can reach her at kelly@crossfit.com

Matt H said...

Scaled thrusters at 75# and on the last round had to do KTE-17:26

Oh but I did scale up to 196# on TTB (just kidding Greg M)

Jacob Heppner said...

8:08, TTB were rough after the running.

Matt said...

23:08 as Rx'd. Jacob, were you giving Pete some pointers today about keeping the bar racked during thrusters? I overheard and gave that more focus on my last round. Thanks.