Jun 27, 2011

062811 Tuesday

Open Gym
5 x 3 Overhead Squats

Then...... 100 Double Unders if you cannot get 30 consecutive. 300 if you can get 30 consecutive or higher.

0530 Class
MMD #1 x 1 MMD #2 x1 6x CBT Run*

*on an offset 50 meter course sprint to nearest cone (5 -7 m seperation) and execute a "combat roll" and repeat until complete at the finish line


Noah said...

First, I'd like to request that the SAMSters find an alternate forum for conducting their official business. I recommend Sharepoint, or Blackboard or maybe a chat room. Us poor mortals prefer not to suffer thru your high minded convo's about 0600 formation runs.

Missing everyone, still on leave in the Southwest. Went a week without working out but I did walk @ 7 miles for three straight days (half of those miles with a 40 lb child on my shoulders) thru Disneyland and Adventureland.
Did a backyard workout at my buddy's house today.

22:15 for 4 RFT of 25 DUs, 25 air squats, 25 CFS PUs and 25 jumping on a stone wall of about 20 inches.

Greg M said...

95-115-115-115-115; one of my goats. I tend to lean forward to much and I need to continue to work on my depth. I was able to finally get about 8-10 at a time of DUs.

Work on Muscle ups, I am getting so close, I almost had one today, son of a....

Great to see so many new faces, great work by Joseph, Adam and others.

Rich said...

Stayed with 115 on OHS. Still not happy with knee track and feet positioning. Thanks for the help Greg. DUs...RXd. Great to be back in the morning crew for a while. Good to see some new faces too!

james said...

Noah - good to hear from you. The Disney WOD is tough.

185 185 185 185 195 (missed the depth on the third of the 195)

3.17 on the Du

D Beasley said...

75 75 (95 F)75 75 75 - rather poor mechanics as well. 15 min on jump rope - thanks Rich for the DU help

J. Fennell said...

Reporting in from Fort Carson....checked out a couple of gyms...went to McKibben Gym, they had the best set up for a CF type work out. What I did not see was any bands, abmats. They did have adequate bumper plates, rings, and a few broomsticks ILO PVC pipes.

As for the OHS...first time I did them in a WOD; worked on form with 65 lbs. Had trouble with leaning forward initially, but improved throughout. DU are still one of my flock of goats. Did single jumps up to 300 reps.

Matt H said...
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Matt H said...

Took a mobility day yesterday since I was sore from the moving functional fitness but the truck is packed and on its way.

Did yesterdays WOD 6:33 after first round went down to 35# KB

Then did todays WOD 65-75-85-95-95 and then was abel to get 100 DU (was able to string together 5 to 10 at a time so getting better)

Noah-heades up the water cups at the bubble have gotten smaller.

Edward said...

75-95-95-95-95, working light this week on these.

Thanks a ton to Rich for the DU help - I was finally able to string continuous DU rather than a single in between each. I'll continue to work those.

monroe said...

10 MU's no kip
DU's in 2:56
135, 145, 155, 165, 185 OHS
10 situps, 5 two arm DB snatch 30lb
3 rounds, no rest.
Good day!

Rich said...

Ed, great work. That was all you man.

Hoys said...

first, James--that is sick OHS weight....well done.

Did this one in my lawn...put in some nice lawn divots. Before today, highest OHS weight was 95#--so was excited with:

115-125-125-135-115. Had to bring it from the ground without a rack...I guess thats what you call a snatch and why you do OHS...

#1 goat, DUs--did 100 in 5:34. Okay for me, had one zen moment but still painful.

I'm about 1.5 weeks out from WODing in the desert.

Neal, if you are monitoring, I owe you a phone call!

And I dissent from Noah, I like to hear of the SAMS guys pain!


scout05 said...
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