Jun 23, 2011

062411 FRIDAY

30 Muscle-Ups for time.

Scale if you need to, but work on the motion and technique of the Muscle-up

Subs for those traveling: 3/1 Dips/Pull-ups


james said...

From Tuesday!! 6.36

Greg said...

Not coordinated enough to figure out Muscle Ups...sub'd 30 ring dips and 30 ring pullups 6:43.

Ryan and myself finished off with RFT 5min Wall Balls and pushups (punishment for the Creme Filled Krispy Kreme doughnut we ate yesterday).

Greg M said...

Campsite WOD: 3 Rounds - 15 DU, 30 Abmat, 30 20lb wallball, 30 kettlebell, 400m run. I was smoked after this one, I am still feeling the effects of Wednesday's WOD.

I could not find any place to hang my rings so I settled on this one.

Have a great weekend everyone!

Eric said...

12:36. Worked on progression to warm up and knocked out 15 with the blue band and 15 with the box assist.

kyle hogan said...

2:12 30 pull ups & 30 ring dips. Bar was too low to execute a full MU, worked on band assisted MU progressions to work towards a strict MU.

Kay said...

15:36 for 30 mu progressions from my feet/toes. I still don't have the elusive mu.

Hoys said...

hello from ft campbell!

been a good transition...DITY part 2 and setting up the house, etc.

I spread some IMCF love this morning with the 326 Rear Det...led the 23 folks without profiles in a WOD inspired by our IMCF farewell a couple weeks ago...

in total it was:

squat instruction
tabata squats (8 sets)
tabata CFSPU (4 sets)
tabata situp (8 sets)
tabata sprint intervals (4 min)


teams of 4, complete:
400 burpees
400 m team run
300 dips
400m team run
200 pull ups
400m team run
40 ground to chest telephone pole lifts

My team came in at 38:30.

It went well with all different levels of conditioning (and motivation).

Was channeling IMCF motivation whilst playing the Rett soundtrack in my head! Jim

kyle hogan said...

Jim give me a ring when able, 931-302-1422 I have a line on a box here in town that is looking for coaches. I hope all is well on exit 8.

Kay said...

Jim- great WOD! I'm sure the Rett soundtrack started with the Army Strong soundtrack, right? That's METAL!