Jun 21, 2011


For Time:

Row 20 Calories
30 Burpees
40 Bar to overhead (65/45lbs, this is taking the bar from the floor after each repetition)
50 Toes to Bar
100 foot overhead walking lunge (45/25lb plate, this is approximately the length of the Bubble)
200m Sprint (To Stop sign near bowling alley and back to Bubble)

Subs for those traveling: Row = 1/2 mile, Bar = dumbbells or Hand Stand Push ups (20)


Matt H said...

I will sub moving boxes onto a truck, possibly furniture by myself

rob said...

Matt - I should be around tomorrow. Give me a call or text at 706-604-2138

J. Fennell said...

Can someone send a link for an example of "bar to overhead"? Thx!

J. Fennell said...

Found it!

Iron Major CrossFit Coordinator said...

last four days ...times forgotten
5 RFT run 400 ish 15 HSPU = 22.??
5 RFT 7 50lb DB snatches 25 doubles unders = 11.??
Run 1km rest 3 minutes 30 muscles ups rest three minutes run 1 km
21-15-9 FS @ 135, TTB = 8.21

kyle hogan said...

21:06 only sub was last 10 TTB as KTB.... did I mention I hate burpees?? Great stares in the globo gym today as I put my rings up to do some dips during my warm up!!

Greg said...

20:44 time this morning...still feeling the toe to bars

Andy M. said...

18:13 rx'd. Weak link was T2B, had to finish 'em up in sets of 5.

TDY through mid-Aug, thanks again to those leaving that have helped me get started at IMCF.

Iron Major CrossFit Coordinator said...
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Greg M said...

14:56, great WOD this morning, scary to think that the regional athletes were doing this on day 3, after 2 WODs a day and still destroyed our times.

Great crew this morning, I really slowed down on the lunges, the T2B are getting better using the Again Faster technique.

See you all on Monday, I am headed out camping for the weekend.

A big shout out to Rob Craig, thanks for all your help Rob, see you in 2012, be safe and God's speed.

Kay said...

17:15 as almost Rx'd (43# bar); TTB definitely slowed me down as I was doing them in sets of 5; my grip was killing me. Very proud of the newbies who pushed through and finished this WOD. See you tomorrow for one last WOD Rob!

Edward said...

14:53 as Rx'd. TTB slowed me down quite a bit. The Again Faster technique helps, my tearing callouses do not. Good group this morning!

befa2634-9cd1-11e0-9e21-000bcdcb2996 said...

Hi everyone, my name is Courtney and I'm pretty new here (just got here for TDY). If any of the afternoon crew wants to wait to workout til 4:30, that is when I'm going to go today.

I've only been to xfit here once, so none of you guys have probably met me, but I will be there today in pink shorts & a black shirt. Also I will probably be one of the youngest people there. It's been awesome being probably the only 2LT on post for the last 2 weeks. Ps that was sarcasm.

Greg M said...

Courtney, thanks for coming on the board, hopefully someone will meet you there.

There is plenty of room in the morning crew we kick off around 0545 on most mornings.

Any takers for Courtney??

Dave Hudson said...

16:02. Subbed 30# DBs for the Bar to Overhead (trying to simulate the Games). Should have gone heavier than that, though - was able to keep up the intensity more than I thought. (Did it in two sets of 20.) They used 45# DBs at the Games.

TTB were better (using the AF technique - highly recommended), but still need work. Only had to stop once on the lunges (about 3/4 of the way), with which I was happy.

(But never satisfied.)

Spence said...

17:30; 45 lbs bar; 25 TTBs (no swing); 25 lbs plate. Great workout!

rob said...

12:48 as Rx'd and another awesome WOD by Greg M. It was motivating/humbling to try and catch Dave after he flew off of the rower. I think he was 3/4 of the way done when I was just getting my boat out of the dock!

We've got a bunch of new comers to the morning crew and it's awesome to build back our numbers. Great work by Andy, Robert, and Jake (all from TRAC - Robert and Jake are summer interns). Jake is doing CF in the morning as part of his football summer conditioning program. He does the football specific stuff in the afternoon; he plays at CMU.

Courtney - you are no stranger to IMCF especially as you did the 'Coup de Gras' WOD with us. You even made the website with with the group photo - far left, standing by Dionne S., wearing black t-shirt in front of Dave H. (http://www.ironmajorcrossfit.com/2011/06/you-are-crossfit.html)

Kyle - you are sure to get some partners as you continue your WODs. Awesome job.

WARNO for tomorrow's WOD - we will be swimming at Harney or wherever you prefer. I just give the WARNO so you can get your kit ready e.g. googles, swim attire. When we swim it's usually a much less 3-2-1-GO system than usual as we have to conserve lane space with other swimmers. However, I suspect that as it is summer and 11-01 is gone there will be few swimmers tomorrow.

Dave Hudson said...

Rob - since I won't be there tomorrow (dang you early class!), I wanted to say thank you for everything you've done for Iron Major CrossFit and for me personally.

For those of you who don't realize it, Rob is, really, the heart and soul of Iron Major CrossFit. Though we have no difference in rank in the Army and no rank at all in IMCF, he has always been IMCF's elder statesmen, guiding each and every major decision, at least since I've been here. His apathy to workout music aside (you knew that I'd throw that in there), he has always provided a voice of reason and rationality. He is a great coach, teacher, and trainer, and I truly count him as one of my CrossFit - and life - mentors. (Not only that, but the man is a BEAST.)

The great news for IMCF is that this will only be a hiatus for Rob's involvement in IMCF, as he will be back by the end of February (hopefully sooner).

Godspeed, Rob, keep your head down, and we'll see each other again on the high ground. May your lifts be heavy, your burpees plentiful, and your HSPU full ROM.

rett.burroughs said...

Buddy team WOD today before playing frisbee football here at the home of the Signal Corps at Fort Gordon.

One person in handstand while the other did 10 x 36 inch wall jumps and 10 x pull ups.

Humidity is unbelievable.

Matt said...

I'm Matt Boetig, also from TRAC. Been following the WODs for awhile with a lunchtime TRAC crowd, but haven't posted yet.

More props for Rob, who has been my and our coach at TRAC - and who's been instrumental in getting the TRAC IMCF crowd from 1 to about 10 and growing. Thanks Rob. I don't know if your cubies will miss listening to your demos and coaching when I have questions, but I'll sure miss your company. God speed, and take care of yourself and the rest of the crew.

Tried the AF technique. I probably looked like a monkey doing TTB with a bit of an ineffective rocking motion. My soft effeminate hands are sticky with ripped blisters though. Completed as Rx'd, though I forgot to start my clock.

Eric said...

19:33. Bar to Overhead kicked me in the face but got it done as Rx'd. Scaled last 10 TTB with knee lifts and lunged with no weight. Good luck Rob! Thanks for all your help and encouragement.

J. Fennell said...

18:54 - used 45 lbs for bar to overhead and 25 lbs for walking lunges. Also, could only knock out 14 TTB before having to go to knee lifts.

rob said...

Functional fitness was validated today while helping Matt H. move 'big' items into his moving trailer. 'Holy fish-tank'! Matt H. has a fish tank that must be able to support Shamu and two of his brothers! It was a good afternoon and I was glad to be of assistance.

Thanks for the well wishes and the compliments. The great news for me is that when I come back to Ft. Leavenworth I'll still have at least 18mos on station. I have been fortunate to be a part of the administrative part of IMCF, but the heart and soul of the group is the incredible athletes that pass through IMCF and give their time and effort to help others. We do the things we do only becasue of the volunteers that allows us to do so. Despite being a mostly transient organization, I've witnessed IMCF change the mindset and lives of many in the two years I've been here. I'm looking forward to my deployment and continued association with IMCF. See you in the morning for one more WOD before I leave.

Scott said...

18:24. Subbed walk lunge with 35# plate. TTB were ugly...really TTElbows.