Jun 19, 2011

062011 MONDAY


5 Rounds for Time
12 Deadlifts w/155 pounds
9 Hang power cleans w/155
6 Push presses with 155 pounds

In honor of USAF SSgt Timothy P. Davis, 28, who was killed on Feburary, 20 2009 supporting operations in OEF when his vehicle was struck by an IED. Timothy is survived by his wife Megan and one-year old son T.J.

Subs for those traveling: 15 Min AMRAP: 20 Tuck Jumps, 5 HSPU and 20 Air Squats


Iron Major CrossFit Coordinator said...

Sorry if you saw the WOD earlier, it was wrong. Tomorrow is Heavy Day and we are going to do a Hero WOD. Should be a good one.

Dave Hudson said...

15:23, scaled to 135 to protect my shoulder. Glad I did. Probably didn't warm up like I should have, as I took a lot more rest than I probably needed to.

For those who were in the first go-around on the clock, add about a minute to whatever the clock said at the end of your time due to clock operator malfunction.

Great to see some more new faces today!

Andy M. said...

21:35, scaled to 135 to protect my dignity.

Greg said...

The clock operator malfunction was me. I hit up instead of down.

17:26, "DT" is a beast. Jake and Ryan killed this one this morning.

The last time I tried this one, I DNF, so big improvement for me. The darn cleans are my goat on this one, I need to keep getting better on my technique. I try to muscle it instead of shrugging and opening my hips up.

Great to see some new faces this morning. Wednesday's WOD is a Games Regional WOD, it should be fun!

Edward said...

21:13, scaled to 135 on the hang power clean and push press for rounds 3-5.

Warmed up with the 'again faster' technique on the knees-to-elbows/toes-to-bar. Thanks for the video link Rob, it made a huge difference.

kyle hogan said...

Scaled way down in the globo gym 7-5-3 @ 135 lbs 16:32 ugly.....Wow I miss the bubble!!!

rob said...

15:42 w/rds 2-5 push jerk instead of push press.

Great job by Karl and John getting through this one today. Kay had a couple of friends from her neighborhood as well as Mike from her staff group in today as well. Andy Morrison from TRAC is a starting to be a consistent face, however he eventually wants to move to a 'noon-time' workout. He's wanting to start a group at lunch so anyone who is looking for a group let Andy know (he's on this blog everyday).

J. Fennell said...

13:06....scaled down to 75lbs. After the first set, scaled further down to 65lbs, when I realized I would not be able to complete five sets with the push press @75 lbs. Tried to work on technique.

Kay said...

12:31 with 83#. seeing the other times posted I probably should have used heavier weights. However I was jerking instead of push press, so the weight was probably good.

rett.burroughs said...

Did the deleted workout today with some tweaking. Augusta Fran
Abmat sit-ups
Run 100 meters to next station
36 inch wall jumps
Run 100 meters back to start

Had 3 others workout with me and had them box jump 18ish ich bleachers.

Can someone tell me a good brand of rings?

Going to wokout at Augusta CrossFit next week.


Dave Hudson said...

Rett - Rogue has good plastic rings (like the ones we have).

Again Faster has sweet wooden rings; better grip but it will cost you $.

Matt said...

Guest at the 1 RGR BN facilities this week. 3 rds at 135 for DLs, 115 for cleans and 95 for strict push presses. Had a Ranger help me out with some great technique advice so ended up running out of time before having to make the 2 mile run back to the house. Looking forward to being able to do this RX'd. Really missin the bubble and the IMCF community.

KellyOBoian said...

Sorry I missed today. Was out late last night with some French counterparts. See you all tomorrow.

rett.burroughs said...

Thanks for the advice. Will let you know what I get.

I really miss you guys.