Jun 16, 2011

061711 FRIDAY

Open Gym

For time:

10x HSPU
15x DL (250/175)
25x Box Jump (24/20)
50x K2E
75 x Thrusters (65/45)
4 x 100m run; 5 burpees after each 100m run*

*100m course is from front door of bubble to stop sign by bowling alley


100 Burpess, run 1 mile, 100 Box Jumps (find something to jump on)

0530 Class

MMD 1 MMD 2 40 min run for distancce


Andy Morrison said...

23:59 -- Struggled with K2E and Thrusters...spent more time wheezing than working.

Gary said...

19:00 as Rx'd.

Edward said...

21:14 as Rx'd. Struggled with just about everything this morning. Glad to have a break tomorrow.

rob said...

14:48 as Rx'd

Today was Wilson's last day in the bubble so it was good to get one last WOD with him. Gary was there also and leaves to house hunt today, but will return for about one more week in the bubble. Bryan must have been busy today as he heads out to Savannah this afternoon. Good luck and safe travels to all of you guys.

There are several new faces in the gym; Andy Mortenson and Jared (TDY for 2 weeks). Kay brought in a friend and got her started. There were about 12 of us doing the WOD this morning.

Ed - below is the video to help get started with kipping for K2E or T2B. It's a great way to get started and then it just takes practice. It doesn't make them easier, just quicker and more efficient!


Kay said...

22:27 as rx except for 165 deadliest.
God speed Wilson and Bryan; I hope our paths cross in the future. It's been great CF'ing with you guys!

Wilson said...

14:10 as rx'd. Today was my last day in the bubble. IMCF was one of the best things of the last year. Everyone who came out each and every day, you are the ones who made it great. Thank you. SEMPER FI!

Kay said...

Oops! I meant to write deadlift but iPod spell check changed it.

Matt H said...

I have been busy packing this whole week but plan to make it back to the bubble during my last two weeks here at Leavenworth.

Speaking of moving I have a functional fitness opportunity for everyone. It involves deadlifts, cleans, and shoulder press!

My rented moving truck arrives Wednesday 22 June and I need some help with the bigger pieces of furniture. Looking at loading starting at 1500. I will provide a Zone balanced meal of pizza and beer (water also available, for Paleo you can pick the meat off the pizza)

If you will be able to help email me at (heilme@me.com) and I will send the address. Thanks

Noah said...

Made up Thursday's...7:45 with CFPU subbed. CFPU...will you ever cease to be my goat! Those had to have taken up 90% of my total time.

On vacash for the next 12 days, will get done what I can while on the road. Does any one know a good place to do muscle ups or wall balls inside Disneyland?

rett.burroughs said...

Ran two workouts today for my fellow Brigade S6 Class Mates. Had the entire class doing crossfit. The first workout was 100m run, 25pu, 25 air squats. I sub'd DU for the run. 5:14.

I did a longer workout with the one guy who, on Monday said "F" Crossfit as soon as I volunteered to be the PT officer. What a wonderful moral victory for me.

Second Workout:

20 minute AMRAP

box jump up 18 levels of bleachers at my wife's old high school
run 100m
15 pullups
run 500m
15 dips

rob said...

Rett - great story, especially the 'doubter'. You are already becoming one of those 'engines' Coach spoke about.

I was just at the bubble to pick up a CD with pictures that Dave left for me. What I saw was about 12 to 14 people in there. No less than 8 of them were doing today's WOD. I could tell because I spent about 10min talking with Elizabeth B. about her shoulder surgery recovery and it was evident they were doing today's IMCF WOD. I didn't know any of them and hadn't seen any of them. Yet, there they were doing the the IMCF WODs. I believe that there are more people than we know that are following our programming and like what we do. They just don't post about it. I've always believed that we have a quite following, and today there was more evidence of it.

Speaking of Elizabeth B.'s recovery, it's coming along nicely. She was able to do a hand-stand hold and other shoulder exercises that I wouldn't have thought she'd do this early. Keep up the good work Elizabeth.