Jun 15, 2011


Open gym

3 Rounds For Time

25 Double Unders
25 ring push ups
25 Air Squats

Subs: 100m sprints for 25 DUs, CF Push-Ups for Ring Push Ups.

0530 Class

100 Broad Jumps 100 Acordian Situps (2 cnt exercise)


Dave Hudson said...

Hitting this one up early due to school tomorrow. 3-2-1 Go at 0515!

Edward said...

6:43 as Rx'd.

Kay said...

9:37 as Rx'd; the push-ups are harder than they sound, and the DUs are still my goat.

rett.burroughs said...

5:14 a's Rx'd

Did this one solo before frisbee football

Miss you guys.


rett.burroughs said...
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J. Fennell said...

9:44...Had to scale the push-ups by going my knees; DUs are my "goat" too; Think I am still hurting from last Thursday's pre-grad work out!

Gary said...

7:48 with CFPU.

Iron Major CrossFit Coordinator said...

In Quebec - 20 rounds for time:

60m hill sprint
Walk back down

I threw in 1...10 box jumps on a 36inch ish wall for the last ten rounds - that bit sucked