Jun 8, 2011


The 'Coup De Gras'

Definition: "blow of mercy" means a death blow intended to end the suffering of a wounded creature. The phrase can refer to the killing of civilians or soldiers, friends or enemies, with or without the consent of the sufferer. It is often used figuratively to describe the last in a series of events which brings about the end of some entity.

Although this is not the end of IMCF, it is possibly the last time some of us will WOD together. Let's end the suffering together.

'Coup De Gras'

As a four person team

400 Pull-ups
400 m Run
400 Wall Balls (10ft/8ft - 20lb ball)
400m run
400 Box Jumps (24/20)
400m run
400 Burpees
400m run

Each Team must complete all repetitions of the exercise before moving to the next. Scale individually if required.

It has been a fun year "The best year of your life," We have been to the GAAT and back, heard way to many guest lectures, and worked our tails off in the "Bubble". Today's WOD is one of reflection to think of what IMCF has meant to you over the past year, give it all you have because it could be your last time in the "Bubble". Come on out we will begin the brief at 0545 and get started shortly after that. These exercises are not technical, and don' t be intimidated by the repetitions, it is all about the community tomorrow. Look forward to seeing everyone for one last WOD.

0530 Class

Five sets of max muscles ups rest as required between sets.


kyle hogan said...


Greg said...
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Gary said...
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Dave Hudson said...

Noted by newbie who will remain nameless:

"I can see Wilson's post tomorrow already:

Had to do this one by myself. 24:13 Rx'd followed by Fran Rx'd :58."

Noah said...

Who will bring the post workout donuts?

Dave Hudson said...

He who speaketh, doeth.

james said...

sorry about the delay in the AV effects on the blog - i just emerged triumphant from an epic to the death battle with technology

ultimately its worst was no match for crossfit

Noah said...

Team Gary, Kyle, Noah and Wilson...45:45. Great way to finish a great year in the Crossfit community.

rett.burroughs said...

39:59 for Team Tanker Steve. Starting with burpees was MetAL! Awesome send off. Not all tankers are bad after all.... hmppff.... who knew? .... Greg!?

Greg said...

39:39, for team Neal (Ranger), The Bryan, Matt (Rhabdo and Greg (Tanker). Great push and fun way to finish out the year.

I was really worried about this WOD, I thought some might go over 1 hour, but I think it worked out OK. I would have never have attempted this 6 months ago, to imagine myself being able to do 100 of Pull-ups, Box Jump, Wall Balls, and Burpees. Crossfit works and the proof is in the puddin"

Debbie, your attire today was priceless!!!! Did Dave Dress you?

Thanks for all for coming out and all of you leaving will surely be missed.

Thanks again to Bryan and Neal you guys are METAL!!!!

james said...

Nice way to go out for the year today. A big shout out to Alex on his award.

Can someone pls send me some pics (sorry Dave that's probably you) so i can do tmw's blog with them.


kyle hogan said...

Hands are smoked….legs are toast….& I’m sure Gary, Wilson, and Noah have sore backs from caring my fat butt….

I am thankful to have participated over the last 11 months with IMCF. You guys /girls rock!!

Fantastic job Greg with today’s WOD!!

Please post pix when able….

rob said...

Team Spence, Jim, Rob, and (?) time was 42:18. Great team effort. I loved doing this one with a team. It's time to start building next year's IMCF team. We've got a good group or returning athletes; I hope we can build as good a team as we had this year.

Air Force Steve said...

Darn it...I missed another 0530 workout! Despite the fact that the number of times I joined you at 0530 could be counted on one hand, it's been a great group, even by proxy.

Debbie and Allison conspired to honor the CrossFit fashion king, "Silent" Dave Hudson with their bandanas and socks of awesomeness. I did find where Dave shops: http://fit2fightomaha.com/wp/

Thanks for the encouragement you've given Debbie...she's hooked.

I hung out with Angie today (100 Pull-ups, 100 Push-ups, 100 situps, 100 squats for time) after a 1RM front squat. Time was around 22 minutes.

Everyone congratulate the CGSC 11-01 top graduate, our own Rich Martin! Yup, that's the "white briefcase" or more formally known as the "Marshall Award". Rich - I dare you to hand an IMCF t-shirt to Gen Dempsey. I'll pitch in $1 to pay for it. Congrats!

Crossfit Skopje said...

Awesome work Rich - a Crossfit double !! with Alex's award this morning!!

Matt said...

Thanks so much to the whole community for introducing me to this life changer. I learned from the best. Rob, Neal, WIlson, Greg, Josh, Kay, Jim, James, Dave, you guys made a great organization even better this year with your dedication and perseverance. Rhett, you are crazy and made coming to Xfit a lot of fun, thanks for your enthusiasm. Rich, congrats on the briefcase. But more importantly, I'll never forget seeing you at the track in August and asking you what you were doing. You responded by pointing at the Aussie and saying "this guy is a machine, and he's going to run us around the track until we puke." After that endorsement, I knew I had to check it out.
Again, thanks to the community as a whole, I drew strength from you everyday.
Kyle, go to Campbell and smoke the boys for me, see you down the road, brother. NSDQ!

Tanker Steve said...

Holly cow Rich. Congrats!

Awesome job today by all. It was a great way to depart. Thanks to the community. IMCF has changed my life and words can't express the gratitude that I am feeling right now. Take care and will see you on the high ground.

Speed and Power!

Tanker Steve

Matt H said...

I too missed another 05:30 wod

I made it to the bubble at 0800 and made up wed wod- 14:45 and I did not do the box jump.

Thanks for everyones coaching during the year it has been a great community

Congrats Rich

Semper Fi

Dave Hudson said...

Team (Not So Silent) Dave, Ed, Rich, and James came in right at 44:55. Thanks, guys, for carrying me on the pullups. I think I did, like, 78 - if that. (And as sad as that is, it's my arms that are the most tired.)

Great WOD, Greg....thanks for sending us all out in style.

I'll save my farewells until I actually leave in early August. (Yep, you guys have to put up with me, my long posts, and questionable fashion sense for a little while longer.)

Congrats, Rich. Well deserved.

Fare thee well, all who are out the door in the next few days. For fear of missing someone, I won't use names. Rest assured that EACH AND EVERY ONE OF YOU, from the greenest newbie to the CrossFit vets, have taught me something about CrossFit and myself...whether it be technique, mental fortitude, or how to coach and train others better. I truly hope that I was, in some way, a help to any of you on your journey to being healthier and fitter.

Keep fighting for that one more rep, one second less, and one more pound lifted....and don't forget to bring others with you!