Jun 7, 2011



Upcoming events - both on 18 June (Next Saturday!) 

One of our fellow Elite Fitness League - EFL (nee CrossFit League - XFL) competing boxes, CrossFit 816, is hosting "Jackie for Joplin." Held at their box just outside Liberty, Missouri (about 45 minutes from Fort Leavenworth), it will be a fundraising WOD to support the relief efforts of the 3/4 mile wide, 12 mile long swath of destruction in Joplin, Missouri. The registration fee is a $35 donation. (It would also be a great opportunity to put some names to faces against whom we've competed.) It kicks off at 0800 and goes as long as it needs to. 

Here's the link: http://www.crossfit816.com/page/index.php?menu=jackie&page=jackie_joplin 

For a refresher, "Jackie" is: Row 1000m 50 Thrusters (45# - yep, just the bar) 30 Pullups 

Also, Coach Whitney Rodden (Strength and Condition Coach at Mid-American Nazarene University in Olathe, KS - a suburb of Kansas City) and Coach Anna Martin will be running TWO Oly Lifting Seminars at MNU. Beginner's Class (for those who have limited to no experience with the Clean & Jerk, Snatch, and their progressions) - 0900-1100, $30. 

Advanced Class (for those who have some experience and want world-class critiquing and coaching on their technique) - 1130-1300, $25. Coach Rodden is a USA Weightlifting (USAW) certified coach; either class would be well worth the cost. 

Shoot Dave Hudson an email at palerower@gmail.com if you want to do either of the Oly Lifting Seminars.

Open Gym

Three rounds for time of:
Row 200 meters
15 T2B
Run 400 meters

Then ................................ Jump as High as you can on the velcro boxes

0530 Class

Thruster ADV(3-3-3-2-2-2) INT (3-3-3-2-2) BEG (3-3-3)


21-15- 9
Box Jumps
Walking lunges


Dave Hudson said...

For anyone interested, I am going to attmpt to do BOTH an early heat of Jackie for Joplin and go to the advanced Oly cert at 1130. You can ride with me for a couple bucks for gas.

PS Greg, why do you hate me so?

Jamie Z said...

Come on Dave...its only toes to bar..... It's like making me do double unders.

Scott said...

12:39. This one rocked. Still a little weak on TTB, but getting there. Gold's gym layout put these stations all over the place--running up and down stairs, and slalom course through treadmills. WAHOO FUN!!!

stimey1975 said...

16:16 with Phil here at Fort Bragg. I hope you all are doing well.


james said...

12:23 thanks for the push Greg

Eric - my rope is an 8'8 Hyper 1.3

Edward said...

12:31, first running with new 'five fingers', we'll see how my legs/feet feel later.

48" jump onto a tall box, failed a few times at 51" before deciding I was spent.

Gary said...

13:33 and then 38 inches on the jump. I felt sluggish today and my guess is that fueling the workout at the T-Bones game last night had something to do with it.

Dave Hudson said...

13:29. I had to sub GHDs for the TTB after the first round; my shoulder wasn't taking the hanging for the TTB.

54" on the box jump; failed at 57.

Great atmosphere today...and great to see so many new faces!

rett.burroughs said...

14:30. Started on TTB.

51 inch Box Jump (failed at 54).

The pollen is wreaking havoc on my sinuses so I did this one in a haze (good sudafed)..

rob said...

11:07 as Rx'd; I made up a lot of time on kipping T2B; check out the instruction at


Thisis where I started working on T2B and then got some good coaching at CrossFit Riverfront in Wilmington, DE when I was TDY.

We had a great crowd today. There were 7 athletes from Saturday's Foundations to include my boss and his daughter, Abby. Both did very well on their first WOD with the a group in the bubble. I didn't get the opportunity to jump on boxes as I had to hurry home to get an hour of yard work before work - I was putting the 'functional fitness' in action.

Scott - have you seen the top 10 ways to get thrown out of a gym? If yo haven't it's worth checking. It sounds like you are well on your way to that...good luck and let us know when it happens!

Chanda - good to hear from you. We havne't heard from Laura. I hope she's settled in and has found a gym/playground/park to keep working.

Tanker Steve said...
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Tanker Steve said...

14:52 with a PB on doing a actually TTB. Was able to string five together during all three sets. The rest were not the same, but felt really good to touch the bar. Thanks to Dave/Rett for the coaching and Rob for the motivation this morning.

Did not get a chance to do the box jump. Had to throw smoke and get to an appt.

Great WOD, Greg. Looking forward to tomorrow. See y'all then.

kyle hogan said...

14:25, sub'd knees to elbows on the last round, great time falling with style this morning!!

Thanks to Rob, Andy, & Dave for running rabit for me to chase!!

Wilson said...

11:21 as rx'd.

Rich said...

11:34 this morning. It was great to see all of you guys this morning. I'm really looking forward to tomorrow!! Im excited to run with the morning crowd one more time!

Greg said...

12:23, James I think you were 1-2 secs faster than me, thanks for the push.

Great class on T2B Rob, I wish I would have had that before doing the WOD.

Tomorrow's WOD is all about reflection and saying goodbye to good friends, should be a good time. We will start the brief and 0545, then take a picture, since we always mess that up afterwards, then we will begin.

Get your music requests to Rett early so he can set the playlist.

See you tomorrow,


Hoys said...

11:12. Did well on t2b but not fast. Had to break 3rd set 8 and 7. Jim

Eric said...

14:00 as Rx'd. T2B is my new favorite!

Kay said...

13:58; it was great to be back in the bubble after almost 2 weeks off. I didn't measure my box jump, but it was fun watching everyone else. Kyle, that was the most amazing, graceful fall this morning, although I did gasp in horror as I saw it!

Air Force Steve said...

11:29. I watched the T2B video in the car prior to the workout hoping for inspiration, but it didn't help!