Jun 6, 2011

060711 TUESDAY

Open gym

For time:



Flip the tire as many times as possible in 1 mins then work on a goat for 15 mins              

0530 Class

MMD #1 x 1
MMD #2 x1
6x 50m CBT Shuttle Run*            
*on an offset 50 meter course sprint to nearest cone (5 -7 m seperation) and execute a "combat roll burpee" and repeat until complete at the finish line


rob said...

Becasue we don't have unlimited space to flip the tire here is a suggestion:

- do a tire flip
- jump on the tire (box jump)
- jump down into the center of the tire
- another box jump to the other side of the tire and then down to the farside of the tire
- turn around and do a tire flip
- repeat until a minute is complete

Dave Hudson said...


Other option: in a two-person team, each on opposite sides of the tire, get as many flips in TWO minutes, alternating flippers. No jumping on this one.

Greg said...

Guys...sorry for the late post but I just got back from the Royals game. The tire flip is meant to be more of a fun competition like the velcro box jump. Don't get wrapped around the axel on this one, it is just for fun. I will not be in this morning, doing this one later in the day.

The Royals did win though in the bottom of the 11th inning.

Rich said...

Greg- what time are you planning on doing the WOD? I'm going later in the day....I can join you if that's ok.....

Edward said...

155 (2), 185 (2), 205 (1) - 205(f), 205 (f), 185 (2)

14 tire flips

For my goats, got 10 muscle ups in 8 minutes(none consecutive) and then worked HSPU with the stretchy bands for range of motion.

Greg said...

Rich, looks like I might have to make this one up. My boys are in soccer camp from 9-12 then I am golfing at 1300. Sorry man.....

Gary said...

115-135-155-165, then 8 tire flips and worked on Muscle ups with the band until I felt muscle fatigue.

james said...

195(2) 195(2) 195(2) 205(2) 215(1) 215 (2 ugly ones)

tire flips suffered from a watch stoppage ...maybe 15 then i did some of that freaking skipping stuff

Noah said...

155-155-165-170. Two fails at 175 in between there as well.

Handstands and muscle ups also worked on.

Does anyone else find the puny water cups in the bubble to be insulting?

Bryan said...


HSPU & Pistollaz

Rich said...

im g oing at 1300 if anyine wants to join.

Matt H said...

Yes I did 5 rnds but 165 is a PR

I did not count the tire flips but did James' suggestion flip-jump-jump-repeat

Worked on squat-cleans

rob said...

185(2), 195(2), 195(2), 195(2)

Fixing technique would go a long way. 195 is very ugly. I must have the strength to do it, but it's ugly.

Tire flip was fun. I did the 'box jump' to the other side technique.

There was another guys from my work that started today - Jacob. I'm making their introduction to those of you who are staying so that when I leave there is a connection.

Scott said...

115-135-155(1F; 1G; 1F)-135. Dropped the weight on the fail at Gold's in C'ville and you would of thought that I spilled over someone's Super Pump Shake. . . and it was bumper weights.

Did tire flips, then worked on Turkish Get ups...my goat. Attempted to do the Vision Quest Peg Board...man is this thing tough. I just couldn't get it.

I also ran from JAG School to O-JHill and back in the am. Nice easy pace. 42:33 total time for run.

Rich said...

I did a Combo today...I made up yesterday's WOD and then did todays.

Yesterday's WOD- 13:34 RXd, then maxed at 175 overhead- PR by 10 lbs- failed at 185

Then did today's cleans- 155, 155, 165, 165, 165 (F)

I didn't do the tire flips...slacker

Neal said...

165-175-195(f on 2nd rep)-195(f)-185-195.

Awesome coaching from Bryan and Jim...and thanks for the motivation, Rett.

Loved the tire flip/jump through combo, but tweaked my lower back on the third flip...wanted to keep going but thought better of it. Totally on me...I lost my lumbar curve trying to get more reps (ie: beat Rett!) and just tweaked something.

I'll be WODding down in KC tmrw...looking fwd to the graduation blow-out on Thursday!

rett.burroughs said...

completed 195 x 2. failed at 205.
205 is my new arch nemesis.......

Angry tanker scowl :((((((((