Jun 5, 2011

050611 Monday

Open gym

Run 800m
40 Kettlebell Swings
24 Pull Ups
Run 400m
30 Kettlebell Swings
16 Pull Ups
Run 200m
20 Kettlebell Swings
12 Pull Ups

90 Second Break


1 Rep Max
Shoulder to Overhead
5 attempts in 5 Minutes

0530 Class

Deadlift ADV(3-3-2-2-1-1) INT (3-3-2-2-1) BEG (3-3-3)


8 min Team GHD Sit-ups For repititions. Partner does 15 KB Swings (2 pood) as pacer


J. Fennell said...

What is the "programming" difference between the open gym work out and the 0530 work out?....I just finished the orientation on Saturday.

Dave Hudson said...

J - The 0530 class targets strength specifically, with a relatively shorter metabolic conditioning program following that. It also has a more structured class format. (Jamie Z, tell me/us if I'm off-base here.)

The Open gym workout does not have a target or bias, trying to work all aspects in a balanced way. It will work strength and does some shorter time domain workouts (5-10 minutes), but also can/will have longer time domains (15+ minutes) as well. It also has a little less "structure" to it, with no set warmup.

Dave Hudson said...

Greg - what weight is the Rx weight for the KBS? Or is it a "pick your poison?"

rob said...

J - if you want to come to the gym tomorrow (0515-ish) you will find that all of the coaches at Saturday's Foundations class will be doing the Open gym WOD. Just look around for a familiar face or ask for the group doing the Open Gym WOD; we generally congregate in the furthest-right corner as you walk in.

J. Fennell said...

Dave/Rob...thanks for the note...I guess I will come in and attempt to do what you folks are doing! Do you start a warm up at 0515 or start the WOD then?

rett.burroughs said...

We start around 0530ish. If you come in at 0515 you will have enough time to warm up.


Greg said...

It is 53/35. This will be a good one to do as a group tomorrow morning.

On a side note: The Graduation WOD is only 4 days away. Start getting your music requests into Rett so he can get the playlist set. This WOD is going to be a MOTHER!!!! and very METAL!!!

james said...

I arrive home in KS tmw afternoon .....I can't wait to hit it on Tuesday morning - motivating to hear about Saturdays foundations - see you then.

Greg - they broke up the CF seminar for next year!!!!!!!!!!

Tanker Steve said...
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Rich said...

What happened with Saturday's foundations?? How did it go?

james said...

can't wait for Thursday!!

Rett - Eminem lose yourself

Tanker Steve said...

Thursday is going to rock!

Rett: Anything by Muse, please.

See y'all tomorrow.

Dave Hudson said...

Rich - it was good. Tried some new things - some worked (did four mini-WODs to show the variety of movements and WODs - i.e. AMRAP, RFT, 21-15-9 - we do.) Well received.

One thing that didn't work (very well) was keeping the same instructors rotating with the same group through the 4 additional movements at the end. Didn't flow very well, and didn't have good SME coverdown on their respective equipment. (Plus, somehow, 3 of the 4 groups all ended on the Abmat/GHD...that was our own faults.)

Jamie Z said...

So explaining my programing in a nutshell.

As Dave Hudson stated, I run a CrossFit variation called Max Effort Black Box. What it does is target Strength, Power, and Speed three days a week with a Max Effort Lift followed by a mini-metcon. The mini-metcons are designed/partnered with the max effort lifts to provide a compounded neuromuscular effect. The mini-metcons never go over 12 minutes. I program for track speed work with my crew on Tuesdays that combine middle and sprint distances with combat movements. Additionally, Fridays are my chipper days with WODs that go across the board from a short as 3 minutes (FRAN) to 50 minutes (MURPH) depending on the WOD.

As Dave said, I run a more structured process, but in the end I honestly believe you will see great results no matter which variation you choose.

Fellas, since you see me execute it any thoughts?

rob said...

Rich - read my Saturday post about foundations

Scott said...

14:24. 145 total on overhead. Should have started higher, but ran out of time.

Did this at Gold's. No jump ropes for warm up in entire gym. No real pullup bars, so I used TRX suspension thingamabob. Heaviest KB was 25 pounds. Used a treadmill and ran back and forth to other stations....lots of looks...love it.

They did have the Vision Quest peg board in the "boxing" room. Can't wait to try this with Lunatic Fringe playing on my ipod.

Greg said...

14:27, great crowd this morning. James, this one was in your wheel-house!!!

Great job this morning by Debbie and Allison. Allison was trying to push press but kept shoulder pressing 70lbs, awesome job. I think she weighs 80lbs so that is amazing.

185lbs on the press, ran out of time, should have started higher.

Cody said...
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Cody said...

800m run
30 Kbs
16 PU
400m Run
20 Kbs
12 PU
200m Run
10 Kbs
8 PU

Wilson said...

11:44 as RX'd; 225 overhead.

rob said...

14:12 as Rx'd & 215lbs overhead; PR on overhead and thanks to Wilson for coaching and encouragement

We had 4 people from Saturday's foundations this morning and three from work are planning on doing WOD at noon; that is almost half of the crowd on Saturday. We also had LTC John Calhoun who is TDY here this week.

kyle hogan said...

Sub'd rows for run, 1000m-500m-275m
Thanks again Dave for setting the pace for me to chase!!
18:47 for timed event followed by
145-165-175-185-195 (PR) push press.

Dave Hudson said...

16:26 for the METCON. Good push from Kyle and great to have Andy (new guy from Saturday's Foundations and a co-worker of Rob's) to chase. Was able to string 8 butterfly pullups in a row. Rested a bit much on the KBS.

135-155-185-205-215(PR) for me - in an attempt to save my shoulder, push jerked all but the last, in which I split jerked.

Great WOD, Greg!

Bryan said...

15:13 rx'd (+) had 55# KB
145 overhead...smoked!

Andy Morrison said...

Long time fan, first time caller! First off, thanks to Rob and the whole team of trainers for Sat's session. I've been dabbling with CF for a while, but that was my first formal exposure to the program and (more important) the community. It was a worthwhile experience, and I think I'm hooked.

15:53(ish) this AM, using light KBs. Need to get a feel for capacity before completely humbling myself with an Rx effort. Thanks to Dave for pointers along the way.

115-135-155-175-185, all split jerks afterward. Probably busted 5 mins specified though.

Should be a regular at 0600 -- look forward to meeting more folks around the gym!

Neal said...

Sounds like Foundations this weekend and the WOD this morning rocked!! Hate I missed 'em.

We're staying with Anna's parents for our last week here so we introduced her Dad to CF this morning with a Tabata WOD. We went sorta non-traditional with a couple movements and did air squats, push press, sit-ups, and KBS. Great intro WOD that can be scaled in all sorts of ways. I worked on one of my biggest goats, OHS, afterwards and did 10x10x10x10x10 @ 65# and focused on form.

Look fwd to knocking out tmrw's WOD with you guys. See ya then.

Air Force Steve said...

Long time, no post, fellers!

Did the solo 1100 WoD (Heat makes me run faster...to get out of the heat).

11:33 Rx'd. I then worked on HSPUs, which I still struggle with.

Carli said...

Hey y'all...just wanted to drop a quick line to say we miss IMCF already! On the up side, we WODed all week at CrossFit Aledo, west of Ft.Worth. It's a newish box run by super friendly folks. We highly recommend stopping in if you find yourself in the area. Next stop - CrossFit Monterey!

Tanker Steve said...

Great to be back in the bubble after a week off. Did a hybrid WOD between today's and last Wednesdays.
For Time 10:26
400 meter sprint
10 WB
400 meter sprint
10 CF PU
200 meter sprint
10 TTB
100 meter sprint

See y'all tomorrow.