Jun 1, 2011


CrossFit Foundations Class

IMCF will run a CrossFit Fundamentals class this Saturday, 4 June11 from 0830-1230. If you or family/friends are interested in attending e-mail Robert.craig1@us.army.mil to register. As with all of our classes there is no charge for this class.

Open Gym

1 x 100m
10 x Wall balls
1 x 200m 
10 x CF PUs 
1 x 300m 
10 x KBS (53/35) 
1 x 400 
10 x TTBs

0530 class

5 rounds - Max muscle ups ...rest as required between rounds


rett.burroughs said...

Very nice. This is creative. Likey, Likey.....Well Done.

Jamie Z said...

Just ordered my RX Rope...I became addicted after using Wilsons this morning.

Greg said...

6:55 this morning, Bryan, Neal and Rob killed it.

Thanks for the push guys, it takes this tanker a lot of time to pivot steer and then turn around on those sprints, dang turbine engine!

Tomorrow is a 2 person team event, so come on out and get some before some of you depart IMCF. We will give the brief at 0545 and begin shortly there after.

Sneek Peek, next Thursday we will have our "Graduation Blowout WOD" this will be a four person team event. We will do it on Thursday since Graduation begins at 0830 on Friday.

Wilson said...

(9-7-5 135# squat snatch/MU's)
9:15 as RX'd

IMCF WOD - 6:10 as RX'd

Scott said...

Where are the turnarounds for the 100M, 200M, 300M, and 400M?

Greg said...


100m is from the stop sign near the bowling alley to the bubble.

200m is bubble to stop sign and back.

300m is bubble to stop sign to island in the lemon lot and back to bubble.

400m is to stop sign turn right, turn around at concrete cylinders on right then back to bubble.

Hope this helps there are also directions and a poorly drawn map on the white board .

Bryan said...

Greg, great, intense WOD this morning...right in my wheel house. Will miss IMCF when we leave.

6:05 as rx'd

rett.burroughs said...

7:21. This was a really fun WOD.

Good job to all on the handstands.

kyle hogan said...

8:00,... Ugly, sub'd row for run still nursing a bum achilles tendon. Thanks again as always Rett with the hand stands!!

Gary said...

7:44 sub of 125, 250, 375 and 500 meter rows for the runs.

Noah said...

Not sure if anyone cares but the USDA replaced the much maligned Food Pyramid with new dietary recommendations this week.


Although far from perfect, it certainly is better than the old recommendations that led the US to become the fattest nation on earth. Unfortunately, many of the sound recommendations are buried in the hyperlinks of the website and may be lost on the general public who cares not to weigh and measure their food. Just FYI. As for me, I'll stick with my Zone.

Gary said...

I know that the team WOD is going at 0545, but I plan to go at 0500 so I can be done and home in order to pass off the baton. I will split the work and do it alone, but if anyone else wants to go at 0500 I will be loose, limber and ready to go as soon as the bubble is open.

Neal said...

First off, a belated happy birthday wish to Greg...he celebrated his 39th yesterday!!! Lookin good, Bro!!

Awesome crew this morning...Bryan, you schooled me!! Great work. I came in just behind him at 6:06.

Invite all your friends to the team WOD tmrw. It's relatively low on the technical scale so smoke out all those who've been wanting to try CF for awhile. See you then!

Matt H said...

Yesterday I made up last Thursday's WOD at 5rnds +12PU

Today I made up Carli & Jack
DL-225# and 24" box 11:45

I am flying to Tampa tonight to look for a house so I catch up on this weeks WODs and check out boxes.

Dave Hudson said...

7:39. I HAD Greg until the last movement, the TTB. One of my goats (sore/tight abs from both Monday and yesterday didn't help one bit). Also not a particularly fast runner. (Almost caught Rob on the 400m.)

Matt H - CrossFit Revolution/Phase 5 Fitness is a pretty good box. Eric Auciello, the owner/head trainer, is a great guy. Did WOD 1 of the games open down there.

Noah said...

7:15, subbed 45# barbell thrusters (1:1) for wall balls since I had neither a wall nor a ball.

Jamie Z said...

I did the following for 5 sets of max consecutive muscle-ups this
morning: 2.5,2.5,2,1.5,1

The halves are for pull-ups that place you in the transition/dip position, but you cannot press out.

Scott said...

7:13 as Rx'd this afternoon.

I made my long term weight loss goal of 185 pounds today. I weighed in at 184.5 with my sweat soaked shirt. I officially weigh less than I did as a sophomore in high school. I weighed in at 208 during JUL inprocessing and OCT APFT. Can't wait to see where my fitness goes from here. This stuff is addictive. :)

rob said...

6:36 as Rx'd; it was great to have a few people to chase and a few people breathing down my throat!

Scott your gains (or losses) are impressive and motivating. Keep up the great work. There are many in our IMCF community who have posted their increase in health and fitness over this past year. I hope that your spouses/friends/peers see the efficacy of what you do. Share it with them.

Rich said...

6:32 as RXd. Good group this afternoon. It was a chase with Steve, Scott and newcomer Aimilee this afternoon. Steve O got me by a split second. Good WOD Greg.