May 27, 2011

Who Do We Think We Are?

"He asked what was so special. What we’d done. After all, front squats and pushups already existed. So did rowing. We just added a stopwatch. Who, exactly, do we think we are?

The answer, as indignant as the question, is simple: innovation does not result from original parts, but from original thoughts. Creating new processes is at least as valuable as creating new pieces." Jon Glison

We are the benefactors of Greg Glassman's genius. How do you explain CrossFit to friends, family, and the casual acquaintance? The best way is to tell them to meet you at the 'bubble' at 0500hrs on Monday morning. I don't think you'd get too many that would take you up on that offer. Can you give them the ‘constantly varied, high-intensity, functional movement' explanation before their attention span is elsewhere? For the majority, perhaps not. Still, those who are serious about their health and fitness will listen and give you an opportunity. So know what to say. Have a couple of articles that you can offer to share with them. And invite them to the 'bubble' on Monday morning.

See Jon Gilson's article The Opera

Kansas City Veteran's Affairs "Stand-Down Day"

If you are looking for a worthwhile event next week, consider lending a hand with the Leavenworth Veterans Administration's annual "Stand-Down Day". Purpose of the Stand-down, is to provide temporary assistance to Homeless Veterans, that need basic clothing, personal hygiene items, ability to see a Doctor or Dentist, be provided 6 meals over a two day period, and potentially to gain longer term assistance through the Veterans Administration.

There is an opportunity to help; move materials (clothing, food, toiletries, etc.), set up tents, tables, chairs, tear down the same, or interact with the veterans. There are opportunities help Tuesday through Saturday of next week; either full or partial day. The address is 1330 Linwood Boulevard in Kansas City. If you are interested and want more details click the link below. I am planning on setting up tents, tables, and chairs on Wednesday. If I stay late enough I'll probably go see the Royals and Angels play at Kauffman Stadium.

Veteran's "Stand-Down"


james said...

Nice post Rob. I describe Crossfit as the only unifying theory of fitness. Then ask about there current fitness regime - most times they just giove me numbers Mon, wed, fri do this Tue and Thur do weights - I ask a few more questions about the "logic" of the program and gradually expose that they don't know the theory on which that program is based (generally because there is none or its weak, complex or incomplete). Once I have done this CVHIFM can be introduced.

The theory of Crossfit is the real genius to my mind. one of the guys who used to be in my unit back home - might qualify for the games.

Rich said...

Anyone know the gym hours for tomorrow?