May 6, 2011


Difficult easy is when you are on familiar terrain, no matter how hard the going.

Difficult difficult is when you find yourself at the bottom of someone else’s class with three crazy training partners; fear at your left, doubt on your right and (that big bastard) uncertainty squaring up in front of you.

Difficult easy is treading water whilst kidding yourself that you are swimming against the tide.
Difficult difficult doesn’t need to employ pretence because it is drowning and swimming for its life.

I see many people suffering stalled development because they are so busy occupying themselves with very worthy, respectably, difficult easy tasks that they use to avoid the difficult difficult areas of their lives.

Some (more) examples; you bury your relationship problems (difficult difficult) under hundreds of miles of road running (difficult…but easy).

And don’t, please (like my old mate) fall into the trap of mistaking hard work – even extremely hard (easy) work - for progress. Because, let’s be frank, difficult easy is really just another way of saying ‘easy’, and there is no growth in easy.

Read Geoff Thompson's entire article Difficult Difficult, Difficult Easy.

Have you found a convenient Difficult Easy in your life to hide behind?  Has your fitness become your Difficult Easy?  If not how do you still make it Difficult Difficult?

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