May 31, 2011


CrossFit Foundations Class

IMCF will run a CrossFit Fundamentals class this Saturday, 4 June11 from 0830-1230. If you or family/friends are interested in attending e-mail to register. As with all of our classes there is no charge for this class.

0530 Class

Thruster ADV(3-3-3-2-2-2) INT (3-3-3-2-2) BEG (3-3-3)


As many repititions as possible of Double Unders in 10 min

Open Gym

30 Turkish Getups (53/35)

Then ...

Work on a goat


Greg said...

The Turkish get-ups are 15 per side.

Dave Hudson said...
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Dave Hudson said...

Interestingly enough, one of today's videos in the CF Journal is the Turkish Getup with Jeff Martone (who runs CF's Kettlebell certs). Here's the link, though you will need a subscription to the Journal:

Here's another link that does not need a subscription:

Jamie Z said...

If you want a good laugh...come look at me attempt to do double unders. They are one of worst goats I have. DEATH TO THE GOATS!!!

Noah said...

Ahhh...goats. So many to choose from.

kyle hogan said...

I have "Daddy duty" this morning, anyone still hanging out @ 1600?

Wilson said...

I doubled up on WODs again today. The first WOD was Regional Workout 4, The Chipper.
For time:
100 Pull-ups
100 Kettlebell swings (53lb)
100 Double-unders
100 Overhead squats (95lb)

27:15 as RX'd.

The second WOD was the IMCF WOD. I mistakenly scaled to 35, but after the first WOD was probably a good idea. 8:41.

rett.burroughs said...

just under 22 minutes to complete those get-ups. So my goat was the workout.

Good job by all on handstands today. Pretty soon we will all be walking from exercise to exercise on our hands.

Truly MetAL!

Jamie Z said...

Thrusters today:
3x 185, 3x 185, 3x 205(F3), 2x 205, 2x 215(F), 2x 215(F2)

So I maxed out with a 1rm at 215. That ties my previous 1 RM and is a bodyweight lift.

Double unders were of course painful. The best I could string together was 5 consecutive. I also broke my rope, so I will be looking to get a new one.

Jamie Z said...

BTW, Thanks to my brother across the gym fo letting my guys try out your high spped jump ropes.

Greg said...
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Greg said...

I loved the get-ups this morning. I completed all 30 as RX'd. Not sure of my time, I was a little behind Bryan.

I then worked on Butterfly Pull-ups, thanks for the help Rob!!!

We are going to have a good team WOD this Friday, so come on out and represent.

Gary said...


I am excited for a good team WOD. Lisa has her PFT at 0700 on Friday so if its a long one I will show up early to get loose and hope to find some "teammates." If its achievable to get me home in time then I will just carry on as normal. I guess I will wait and post Thursday night if I am hoping to find early teammates.

Turkish getups, I started with 53 pounds, but then scaled all the way down to the little dingers because there were no more 35's. For a goat I worked on MU but the green band was too rigid. I need a skinny blue one. So I came home and worked on Double unders. . . better, but not perfect.

rob said...

11:40 as Rx'd on the return to the ground I had to concentrate on putting my arm at a 45-degree angle to my body, the tendancy was to put it straight out; I also wasn't tight coming right off the ground on the way up

I've had at least two people coming to CGSC 12-01 e-mail me this week. They are looking to keep going with their functional fitness and want to know aobut us. I've asked for arrival dates and when I get them I'll ask our community to become 'sponsors'. I'll do an e-mail BHO and you guys can get them to the gym as quickly as possible so we can keep our numbers up as 11-01 departs.

monroe said...

TGU's 9:28rx
DU's 20x5

James Brown said...
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James Brown said...

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