May 30, 2011

053111 TUESDAY

CrossFit Foundations Class

IMCF will run a CrossFit Fundamentals class this Saturday, 4 June11 from 0830-1230. If you or family/friends are interested in attending e-mail to register. As with all of our classes there is no charge for this class.

Open Gym

Back Squat

then ......

accumulate 2  minutes  total of Hand Stand

0530 Class

MMD #1 x 1
MMD #2 x1
1x Mile
2x 800
4x 400

The Back Squat from Patrick Cummings on Vimeo.


Gary said...

2 minutes handstand with no wall support, right?

Jamie Z said...

Due to a technical error, the 0530 class is supposed to read 10x 50m sprints as opposed to the listed WOD. Location will be the track as normal. Cheers.

james said...

correct gary

At some park in DC tabata box jumps, pushups, squats, situps - nice and warm here.

Gary said...

Back Squats at 185-195-205-210-215 the last two sets of 3 were in the dark. I think I could have done more weight, but wanted to stay warm and also I knew how much those little plates weighed when adding them in the dark.

Worked on handstands for a while with Rett. I am not sure I accumulated a full two minutes in two second bursts, but I went and did a few against the wall for good measure.

Thanks to Kyle for the coaching on the muscle up and the band technique. Even at low volume with the band I can feel the work, and I am highly encouraged.

Wilson said...

Rough morning back! I did a double this morning to make up for missing 4 days.

"Carli and Jack"
(21-15-9 DL(315) Box Jumps 30"): as RX'd 8:41.

Today's WOD: as RX'd
275, 285, 295, 295 F, 275, 275


kyle hogan said...

I went with 165 lbs for the entire WOD, another ego check day. Thanks Rett for the help coaching. 3 attempts for the 2 min cumulitive HS, 1:00, :40, & :30.

Noah said...

Made up yesterday's WOD...6 rds and change. Added the handstands (against the wall), yet another goat.

Neal said...

185, 215, 215, 225, 235. Greg and Chris, thanks for the coaching.

I'll have to get handstand AI from Rett tmrw. See you then.

Tanker Steve said...

NMC...back is not ready for primetime. This is so lame to be injured with my last two weeks before I depart. Going to focus on recovery this week and not push it. Thanks to Dave and Rett for guidance.

Rich said...

215, 215, 215, 225, 225. Each set felt very good. I think I can break my 245 1RM since these were within 90%. We will see.

Dave Hudson said...


My 3RM (just over a year ago) was 264, so very happy.

As I didn't fail (nor really feel close) on 285, loaded up 295, then realized I was only 5 pounds short of the "magical" 300. So, tried 300. Failed on the 3rd rep; think I bailed too early and could have gotten it.

Did the handstand holds, though didn't realize that it was supposed to be free-standing; need AI from Rett on that anyway. Did 60 seconds - 35 seconds - 25 seconds in about 3:40 or so.

James, when are you back?