May 25, 2011


0530 Class

Muscle up (5 sets of as many consecutive as you can)

Open Gym

AMRAP in 20 minutes

15x push ups (APFT)
12x ring dips


james said...

What do you say to people who write things like this?

Gary said...


I would simply say that a good "trainer" or "programmer" isn't going to allow their student/athlete to experience any of those things as long as said student/athlete adheres to the guidance that is being given.

I remember when I first entered "the bubble" and started my indoctrination into Crossfit with Mark Monroe. There are two phrases that ring in my head. . . one was/is the "IWCABTMD" as I realized I didn't have to beat Wilson in a WOD within two weeks to benefit from Crossfit. The second phrase was probably more powerful for me personally and that was "make a contract with yourself." Mark encouraged us to start each workout by making a contract with ourselves as to what our goal was or what was most important. Whether I understood it correctly or not, for me that has meant asking the question "how much weight, am I going for unbroken, am I breaking up the sets, am I scaling" as well as others. Knowing your limitations and then trying to test yourself and establish new limits is what its all about for me.

That would be my answer.

james said...

Thanks Gary - nice answer!!

kyle hogan said...

James I know one of the Docs in that article, and he is quite the "extreme sports enthusiast.” So they had at least one dissenter among the group. He has been in the USSOCOM community for the past 8-10 years, and if I remember correctly a Crossfitter.

rett.burroughs said...

I asked Wilson's performance if we could go out on a date and hang out.... Maybe cruise along McHenry BLVD just like in hot August Nights.....The 1960's called and just like when the Germans bombed Pearl Harbor, we are going to covet Wilson's performance and envy his thrusters...............


rett.burroughs said...

Post Script,
Wilson's performance turned me down.



Kay said...

I fully agree with Gary. Besides, I know of far more soldiers who injure themselves through running, Globo-gym-style weight training, playing sports, jumping out of planes, or [insert commonly practiced exercise]. It's just common sense and knowing your body; if you don't know what your body can handle, then find a good trainer. Check your ego at the door, and compete only with yourself, because few can compete with Wilson: The Few. The Proud. The Wilson.

Tanker Steve said...

So agree with Gary and now Kay. It's all about knowing how far you can push YOUR body. I can see authors point about the type-a, warrior ethos attitude and how it could push someone who is uninformed to the breaking point, but that's where the trainer comes in.

In the end, you are going against yourself and that's why I love cross fit. No one in the las six months has told me to up the weight. It's been nothing but positive motivation and setting goals for yourself with the help of some really experienced trainers.

Great article James! I just wish I would have not read it before bed. Now I am super fired up.

Still, I won't be in for tomorrows WOD. Back is still sore from Monday and I need to give it a rest IOT be ready for Fridays workout. See y'all then

Noah said...

If they are looking to "Assess information on the efficacy of ECPs and the magnitudes of increase (or decrease) in key
performance metrics (e.g., functional strength, power, and endurance, agility, mobility)", all they have to do is peruse this blog from the past 10 months.

Also, I was surprised to hear that what I have been doing for the last year was labeled EXTREME!! I'll never look at air squats the same again. I recommend from now on we refer to them as Extreme Squats just to keep it in line with what medical professionals have determined.

Zoran said...

First of all they begin with GENERALIZING all fitness programs in ONE, called ECPs. This is their first mistake. Since all "ECPs" have different programs of development, the CROSSFIT is the only one that development of the ATHLETES is number one priority. CROSSFIT can not be in the same basket with the rest of the fitness programs.
The results that CrossFit produces are real and measurable, that is why they represent threat to the rest of the fitness "experts".

Gary said...

I made 6 rounds plus 15 pushups+12 dips+4 pike pushups this morning. Finished round 7 in 20:18.

Scaling all around. . . static dips and eventually with the band. Pike pushups for HSPU after the first few of the first round in order to maintain some intensity.

As for the "Wilson" comment I apologized to Wilson for singling him out this morning. I could have picked any one of a bunch of you guys. Rett, I WOULD go on a date with your handstand. It would be fun I think. My guess is that I would be turned down as my handstand is embryonic. . . its like those Evan Williams whiskey ads though. . . some things get better with age. Laugh now. . .watch out in a few years.

Wilson said...

Great WOD this morning. I am smoked from this week. I won't be back in the bubble until Tuesday, I hope all have a great weekend. Carli, I am sorry I will miss your last day. I am really glad that I got to know you. You are a real inspiration with great intensity, you will be missed. Great intensity this morning Rob. 7 rnds as rx'd.

kyle hogan said...

I like "extreme air squats!!"...I too am still somewhat recovering, I worked on mobility stuff and a few of the CrossFit Trophy case items;

I’m shooting for the 500m sub-1:30…no gas today only got to about 412m…then I died….But I did PR with 5 consecutive MU!! Thanks to Andrew for the coaching.
I wish you all a great weekend, enjoy your time!!

Kay said...

Totally scaled this WOD with knee pu, dips on a box, and 45# bar press instead I'd handstand pu. Still, it was a smoker: 7 rds plus 12 dips 1 press and 5 pushups.

Matt H said...

Agree with Gary and everyone. Does p90X have a journal or qualified coaches/trainers, no just a DVD set. So I don't think CF should be in the same category.

- Mechanics before consistency
- Consistency before intensity

Dave Hudson said...

I'll hit up my (written) comments on the executive summary of the study; does anyone know where we can get the full thing?

On a TOTALLY separate note...


If you pre-ordered them FROM ME, I will have them at the Bubble in the morning. Bring a check (preferred) for $18 per shirt. I am still trying to confirm that it is "CGSC Foundation" to which the checks are to be addressed. (Unfortunately, "Dave Hudson's Bank Account" is NOT appropriate.)

There are more available in the CGSC Foundation store...about 40 of various sizes. (If you're an odd size, I'd hurry.) They have limited hours tomorrow morning and are thereafter closed until Wednesday.

Matt B and Jeff I - they have your shirts in the store on hold. Since you pre-ordered through the store, I didn't want to confuse the issue.

Noah said...

Made this one work in my basement. Static dips on the coffee table (2:1) and pike pushups in place of the rings and handstands. Hello shoulders and arms!

Only four rounds plus part of a fifth.

Kay said...

Speaking of t-shirts, I still have 2 adult medium shirts from the IMCF Games; $7 each or best offer! I'll bring them tomorrow morning to the bubble.

james said...

Kay - are the ones for Cat? I haven't heard from her yet.

Jamie Z said...

Does anyone know what hours the gym is on for tomorrow?

As an aside...About 18 months ago the Ranger Athlete Waarrior program did an "analysis" of Extreme Conditioning Programs. Essentially the position stated at the time was the "inherent danger of olympic and overhead lifts" was prohibitive to inclusion in a general PT program.

Like the current "medical" study, you have to wonder if the people advocating (the docs and PTs)a position have ever truly moved in full kit and assaulted an objective (training or war).

rob said...

I'm still a little sluggish from the pre-deployment medical beating I took yesterday. Tough WOD today on the shoulders.

7 rds + 15pu + 12dips + 3HSPU

FYI - when we arrived this morning the bubble was locked. The fix was as simple as getting the key from the desk at Harney and opening up. There were two items to consider should this happen to you.

First, the reason the bubble wasn't open was becasue the desk person slept in, oops! Their was a lifeguard there but it was only his second day on the job and didn't know anything about opening the bubble or keys to do so. We just took all of the keys (about 15 of them) and just started trying them. Unfortunately the right one wasn't on the ring with the single key.

Second, when you get in to the bubble, the lights are on the far right side. There are four switches and they look just like the ones in your house. There isn't a huge lever to pull or some box to open. The are set up on two seperate plates i.e. don't look for a plate with four switches on them.

Bubble gym hours for the holiday are as per normal i.e. Friday there is no change and Monday it opens at 0800hrs.

Bryan said...

This morning exposed my goat again...upper body strength. I though of skipping but i would only make things worse. I did sleep in though.

6 rnds + 5 push ups (scaled)

PU - rxd
Ring Dips - first round rxd then banded ring dips
HSPU - scaled Range of motion in round 1 and then held the hand stand for a 30 count for additional rounds.

Neal said...

Scaled HSPU to Pike Push-ups after the first round...finished 6 rounds as time ran out.

Looking forward to a big turn-out tomorrow AM! I've gotta start a little early, but I'll see ya then.