May 24, 2011


0530 Class

Thruster ADV(5-5-5-3-3-3) INT (5-5-5-3-3) BEG (5-5-5)

Then ....

8 min Team Snatch 95lbs For repititions. Partner does 15 wallballs as pacer

Open Gym


For time:


Thrusters (95/65)

Annie Sakamoto crushes Fran... well there is some dude called Greg Admundson (the original firebreather) in the video as well...but frankly he is unlikely to be noticed in Annie's presence. Actually it's worth watching Greg so you can see him go down like he has been shot at the end.


rett.burroughs said...

I just added Jolene to the musAc mix for the workout in honor of that monster demonstration on the video.

Also adding some Van Halen as requested.

Gonna be an awesome workout!!!!

Carli said...

May I humbly request "let the bodies hit the floor?" I mean...that's what's gonna happen.

Matt H said...

Good more thrusters!!!

Wilson said...

Great job this morning to all. James, great job on your PR. Neal, great intensity. CARLI! Great job doing Fran as RX'd for the first time. Pure intensity and motivation!! 3:07 as RX'd.

james said...

when I stop being scared before Fran I will probably stop doing crossfit

4.16 (81 second PR)

Gary said...

7:13 with 75# on the thrusters. Disappointed in the showing on pullups today, it slowed me down.

Gary said...

On the bright side, I continue to get faster at this WOD. Probably time to bump up the weight.

Carli said...

5:52 Rx'd...pleased to complete it as prescribed for the first time! Still utterly humbled by it. Definitely regretting all the celebratory food and drink I've enjoyed lately as we prepare to PCS. Great energy and motivation in the bubble this morning...thanks!!!

Dave Hudson said...

Great energy in the Bubble today. Great job to everyone who crushed Fran today...James, Wilson, Neal, Josh, Eric, Carli, Debbie, Allison, Katie, Tanker Steve, Bryan, Kyle, John...those were just the folks that I saw. I'm not sure, but I think that EVERYONE hit a PR today.

Dave Hudson said...

Totally separate thing here...for folks who are going to be here through the end of July.

July 30th and 31st (Saturday/Sunday), the Warrior Dash is here in Kansas City. James, Greg, and I have signed up for the 1330 wave. It looks to be epic. If you're epic too. (There are 500 slots per wave...which means that over 12,000 of the 14,000 are already filled.)

5K. 10 obstacles. For Time.

Saturday waves are full; 1330 is the earliest available.

Use the code WDactive2011 to save $5.

james said...

Is anyone coming in early tomorrow morning from the Walmart area? If not I will be on my bike!!

Bryan said...

24 Feb, Fran Time = 9:06

Today's Fran Time = 6:13

I guess I can call this increased work capacity. I planned my rest during the WOD unlike last time, & I think I am more fit now as well.

Great job on your first Fran WOD Eric!

kyle hogan said...

6:25 as Rx'd...20 sec improvment since Feb. Not what I wanted but I'll take it. Great Job by all today!!

Jamie Z said...

I did the following for Thrusters today:
5x 165, 5x 185, 5x 185(f5), 3x 205(f2), 3x 195, 3x 205(f2)

Mike Davis and I did 73x 95lb snatches with the 15x wall ball tempoed team 8min AMREP.

Tanker Steve said...

24 FEB: 6:37(35 lbs)
25 MAY: 4:51(45 lbs)
Where I had a PR record today on time, I was not happy with the pull ups. First seven were unbroken, but still allot of work today. Think it's time to up the weight again as well. Thrusters were not the problem today. Overall, it's great to do Fran.
- Hats off to Carli for her first RX. She rocked the house.

Great intensity in the bubble today!

Matt H said...

Scaled to 65#
last time I did Fran was the fall level 1 cert and after the 15 round I hit the 10 min cap they set

Today I did the same weight at 7:58 so good improvement and a PR

Rich said...

4:56 as RXd!! Last time I did Fran I broke a rib. The last time I completed Fran was the LVL cert in Sept at 7:42...that's nearly 3 minute cut! Thanks for the push Steve O!!

Noah said...

7:12 today as RX'd.

24 Feb 2011 9:42.
Fall 2010 (unk date) 12:00 plus.

Very happy with the improved performance. Had to break the set of 9 p/u's into 6 and 3 which was frustrating, next time I will do the last 9 unbroken.

Greg said...

5:52, this is the 3rd time I have done FRAN since I started Crossfit the last week of Nov 2010.

1st Attempt Unknown date:
Bands for most of PU

24 Feb 2011
As RX'd

Thanks for the push Kay and Kevin.

I will be doing PT with SAMS tomorrow morning, so if I don't see the mornin crew have a great long weekend.

Edward said...

5:40 as rx'd this morning. Not a pr, but still feeling soreness in the legs from Monday. Great group in the bubble this morning.

Neal said...

Lots of awesomeness at the Bubble this morning. What's especially cool is to see all the improvement over the last several guys rock!

Anna did a scaled Fran at home...I challenged her on the thrusters and made her do 75#...she scaled pull-ups to jumping pull-ups for a time of 6:31. 3:43 as rx'd for me.

Kay said...

6:02 with 63# bar; a 4 second PR from Feb as rx'd.

rett.burroughs said...