May 23, 2011

052411 TUESDAY

Open Gym
20 Hollow Rocks

10 wall walks

15 Hollow Rocks

10 wall walks

10 Hollow Rocks

10 wall walks

0530 Class

MMD #1 x 1

MMD #2 x1

1x Mile

2x 800

4x 400


Greg said...
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james said...

8.06 - good morning abdominals

As I left I did some coaching with Cody Craig - the highlight was Rob needing to act as translator for my crappy english !!!

Wilson - good to see you upping the intensity this morning.

rob said...

6:47 as Rx'd; I'm not sure I have the technique on the hollow rocks, however I do feel the work in the abs

James was helping me with DL for Cody. James asked Cody to repeat a particular part of the lift. Cody just nodded his head and smiled as if he was a tourist in a foreign land talking to an indigenous person. After all the years and deployments of having a terp, I finally got to use the things I've learned about bi-lats. What a great morning!

rob said...

We are not doing a June Foundations becasue of basic 'supply and demand'; trainers and trainees. However, there are a couple of people at work that are interested in a class. If I can get about 5 people here I'm going to do one for them in the next couple of weeks.

I started to wonder if there are a few more people in the community that might want a class.(e.g. half of those that were in the gym Monday morning!). One guy that comes to mind is Ryan - USAFA full-back; AirForce Steve's friend. If I do a foundations for some of my co-workers, I might as well see who else wants to jump on.

I will solicit at work and at the gym; I'll probably hang a flyer. If you know anyone that is interested please let me know. This is not an IMCF event, but if anyone else wants to teach/coach you are welcomed and appreciated.

Neal said...

I've been a delinquent poster, so I'll catch up real quick...

Anna and the kids had a blast this weekend at The IMCF Games! They told me all about it as soon as I got home. Thanks to all who partnered up with my kids given my absence and thanks to all who planned this great event.

Anna and I slightly modified yesterday's WOD and knocked it out in the garage. We subbed DUs for the row (I did 100/75/50 and she did 75/50/25). I finished in 16:49 and she finished around 19 minutes, though she deserves at least a 3-4 minute time credit due to multiple snack requests from the kids, a break to take care of Raini's stubbed toe, and simultaneously turning chicken on the grill for dinner...she's insane.

8:41 on today's WOD.

rett.burroughs said...

Even my shins were tired!

just under 12 minutes.

Greg said...


Tanker Steve said...

9:31. Still recovering from Monday.

Matt H said...

7:32 but don't think I did the hollow rock correctly

Wilson said...

6:19 as RX'd.

Kay said...

Well, hello abs! The timer didn't work, so I don't know my time, but it was fun doing it with Elizabeth's daughter Laura; welcome to IMCF!

LMAO about James' Aussie accent. If I take Rosetta Stone in Aussie, will I get elective credit?

Anna Mayo is my hero!!!