May 17, 2011


Open Gym 


50-40-30-20-10 rep rounds for time

Double Unders

Sub Tuck jumps for DU's

0530 Class


ADV(3-3-2-2-1-1) INT (3-3-2-2-1) BEG (3-3-3)

15 - 12 -9 of:
400m run

Todays unrelated picture is some of the folks hitting the farmers carry hard in far North Australia.


Edward said...

12:27 w/ ABMAT situps.

Double-unders are not a strong suit. I was able to string together 20 a couple times, but a 'string' for me still includes a single between each double.

Good to be back in the bubble.

Gary said...

9:26 w/ABMAT situps

rett.burroughs said...

8:01 as Rx'D.

Fun Workout.

It is good to see Greg suffer through his goat and get better every day.


james said...

James 9.21

Double unders were okay - great to see more new folks this morning.

kyle hogan said...

12:34 w/ ABMAT....still ugly, but better than my 27 min display last week. I did stop the clock mid workout to execute the CF Faith WOD with Jim, thanks for bringing it brother!!

Jamie Z said...

I maxed out with a 215lb Overhead Squat this morning. So, for the record that is my bodyweight. The mini-metcon was mediocre at best. *:37 as RX'd

Jamie Z said...

*:37 is supposed tobe 8:37.

Wilson said...

14:30 this morning. I subbed GHD situps for abmat situps. The DU's are getting a lot better.

rob said...
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rob said...

APFT today: PU - 96, SU - 98, Run 13:31

I was hoping for low 13's on run so I was disappointed. While 13:31 isn't in of itself a great time, I've not run over 2 miles in almost three years. When the IMCF WOD prescribes a 5km or run as far as you can in 40min I always sub: bike, swim, row. I would prefer to run as I've always enjoyed it, but my ankle does not support that type of work. I could do it, but the last two surgeons that worked on my ankle both told me, 'my ankles are like a set of tires. There is only so much tread on them. You can go hard right now and wear them out in a short time or you can do moderate work (running) and prolong the life.' I choose to go moderate on running which includes pick-up games of basketball, APFT, CF WODs like Murph, softball, etc. I would love to run another marathon or 1/2 marathon, but it's not likely something I'll do again. I would use up some of that remaining 'tread' on some type of a team endurance race or 'muddy-buddy' type event...the point I was trying to make is that I am still getting enough 'cardio' through the programming we do at IMCF. It's encouraging to see 'fitness' working in my life

james said...

Fantastic APFT results Rob.

Mac said...

Hey all, will be coming in this summer to join the next ILE class, and am really looking forward to joining the "Iron Majors" for a daily suck fest.

Also want to register for the mobility cert. I've been following Mobility WOD for a while now - does anyone know if Kstar is going to instruct?

Greg said...

13:14 this morning, I put the tank plow down and went through the DU breach. I continue to improve each week, thanks to the METAL SIGO for all the help!!!!!

rob said...

Mac - looking forward to having you join us. If you are already Level I certified and interested in practicing your coaching skills, we can use help with our monthly Foundation classes. If you are not Level I certified there is an opportunity to become Level I certified while at CGSC.

You can register for the mobility cert directly on the main page. I'm not sure if Kstar is coming himself but Mark Monroe has been talking with him. Mark - do you know if Kstar will be coming?

Kay said...

I'm taking a rest day today; I shot 5 for 5 at the range today for the German badge test, so I'm doing a 7.5 mile road march tomorrow morning.

Great job on the APFT Rob! I'm seeing more 11-02 people coming in as well, and a few asked me how I prepared for the APFT, and I said I didn't - I just did CF. Your results just add one more testimonial in favor of CF!

Wilson said...

Redid the WOD this afternoon; 8:15 as rx'd. Thanks for the coaching Rich. You and Neal have helped me slaughter my goat. The goat grab is on me!

Rich said...

6:13 as RXd with Abmat situps. Great crowd this afternoon. At least 5 new folks that attended the foundations this past weekend. Good job LTC M and Matt on DU progress!

Dave Hudson said...

7:30 Rx'd. Did the 50 unbroken, but each of the next were broken, even the 10. Still over a minute improvement since last fall.

Happy...not satisfied.

Tanker Steve said...

10:41. DUs once again were a work in progress. So, I subbed a 3 to 1 ratio for that part of the WOD.

This a great WOD, but would be much better if I could do a DU. I have a month left before I depart and made a new goal to get at least five DUs before that time.

Once again, my tanker brother Greg was leading the way for the branch with his DUs. Great job, bro!

Thank to Neal, Metal and Greg for the encouragement.
Rob: great job on the APFT.

Matt H said...

I have been bad about posting;
Subbed tuck jumps for DU - 6:05 it was great to do it with a group

Rich thanks for the coaching on DUs after the WOD

Neal said...

Great to have Eric join the morning crew today as well as several others. Also, awesome to see Mac coming on board! He'll make a great addition to the IMCF Team.

And finally, unbelievable improvement by so many on the DUs! That's what I'm talkin about...

6:19 for the WOD.

Air Force Steve said...

It has been great to get back in the bubble after my 2 week last MMAS hiatus.

6:38 for Annie. I'll have to see what my last time was. Does anybody else have a slightly "raw" spot on their backsides? No need to answer, but I'm using a mat next time. Wet or dry,the rubber flooring is not good for the "posterior chain." I don't think I'm supposed to build up a callous back there.

Noah said...

Late entry...made this one up on 5/23.