May 15, 2011

051611 MONDAY

Well done to those folks who did fundamentals on the weekend. Today's WOD will give you a chance to use some of the skills you learn't. Link up with a trainer to talk scaling or learn how to do a thruster.

If you would like to go to a mobility cert here at Fort Leavenworth Kansas on 19 Nov 11 then register and pay here. Scholarships may be a possibility but don't hold your breath.

0530 class

SNATCH ADV(3-3-2-2-1-1) INT (3-3-2-2-1) BEG (3-3-3)

7x Thrusters (95/65) 
14x KB Swings (53/35)

Open Gym 

Five Rounds for time

15 Pullups
20 Boxjumps (24/20)


kyle hogan said...

Video shows DB & KB? What is the standard for tomorrow bar?

james said...

Yes Bar tmw - sorry - I should have made that clear - i just like the vid

james said...

okay yes the WOD changed - "Annie are you okay" is the XFL WOD for next week - my bad

Wilson said...

4:56 as Rx'd. Feel the burn!

Greg said...

8:24 as RX. Holy cow, what a burn. Chest was feeling that one.

Dave Hudson said...

8:09. Was racing Greg and Bryan. Greg and I kept going back and forth; he'd get me on the pullups, I'd catch up on the box jumps. Bryan just edged me.

Great energy in the Bubble today. Huge shoutout to our "newbies," Cody, Lindy, and Gage!

Best part, for me, is that in round 2, I decided to try out a very undeveloped butterfly. Was able to link 4 together at a time (then moving back down to 2 in the later rounds). Really happy with that.

james said...

Dave et Al - thanks for looking out for the guys from the weekend.

Noah said...

8:20, was chasing Dave's time until I had to break up the last set of pullups into 6-5-4...arms were shot.

Wilson, you have a typo from when you put down your time. You accidentally put down 4:56.

Bryan said...

Was great to be back in the gym with everyone. I want to take everyone to Savannah with me when I PCS. I have never felt such a burn in my chest like I did today. Still coughing!

Gary said...

11:10 I subbed 25 ABMAT situps for the box jumps as the landing on the box jumps in warm-up were aggravating the aggravated achilles from the half-marathon yesterday. The energy was tremendous this morning. I must admit I was mentally prepared for "Annie are you okay" and had to talk myself up for the workout. . . .and then subbed.

james said...

Gary - impressed that you were there!!! - I held off because i have a game this afternoon - but have achilles soreness as well

Tanker Steve said...

Chest was burning..9:41. Was chasing Rett, but fell back on th forth set of box jumps. Great vibes in the bubble today.

kyle hogan said...

10:56 as Rx'd....Pull ups all unbroken, jumps (metcon) is really holding me back at this point....lonely at in the bubble at noon....far short of what I wanted...but I did knock out 2x linked MU after....

Hoys said...

7:42--great to see shawn nowlan this afternoon still wod'n.

Wilson, that is a sick time... and sorry I missed bryan triumphant return to the bubble.

rob said...

6:38 as Rx'd

I got through 3rds with butterfly and then went to 10 and 5 and finished with about half butterfly and half kip.

Dave Hudson said...

Inspired by Spealler's talk on doing one heavy day per 5-day cycle, I did a second workout today. Hadn't done a heavy Deadlift since at least March, so that's what I picked.

5-5-5-5-5 - % based on my 1RM of 455 (didn't have a 5 RM recorded)

320 (70%)-340(75%)-350(77%)-365(80%)-405(90%)

Was originally only planning on going to 85% of my 1RM, but was feeling froggy. (Yes, I know that they're not exact; I rounded, due to not having any 1# plates.)

Neal said...


Was awesome to see Bryan back in the Bubble today. Also great to have AF Steve's friend, Ryan, out for his first CF WOD...I can already tell he'll be schoolin' me within the next couple weeks. Great work (even though you are from the AF).

Are there any extra IMCF t-shirts floatin around out there? A couple people away from Ft. Leavenworth have asked for one so I'm trying to hook em up and spread the word about IMCF. I'll, obviously, pay for them if anyone has extras. Thanks.

james said...

Neal - I have about 3 I think and will be getting some of the new ones - they are in relatively good condition (you know I don't sweat much) I will bring two in tmw.


Scott said...

NO CF today. But did a mini Pentathlon of sorts today for the German Sports Badge testing.

Swim 200 yds
100m sprint
3000m run
Shot put
Long Jump.

All GO's.
I forgot just how slow I am. Today I was reminded. Then again, it has been 20 years since I sprinted last. :)