May 12, 2011

051311 FRIDAY

0530 Class

The "300" : 25x Pull-ups, 50x Deadlifts (135/95), 50x Push-ups, 50x Box Jumps, 50x Floor wipers (95/65), 50x KB swings (55/35), 25x Pull-ups 

Open Gym

“Tea for Twohundred”

200 TTB
200 Air Squats
200 single jump rope
200 Burpees

First partner starts the exercise while the other runs around the bubble. When the other partner returns, they take over the exercise and the first partner runs around the bubble. This continues until all reps are complete for the exercise. Once reps are complete, the team moves to the next exercise. If one partner completes all the reps before their partner returns, they will go into the plank position until their partner returns.


Hoys said...

team 2nd place on kansas ave: Spence and Jim. Books and Greg edged us out, but my calibrated eyeball noticed some no-go reps they were counting...maybe even counting double? Ha! No, all was legit.

Spence and I came in at 39:56..... ankles-to-bar and burpees are painful bookends.

Jamie Z said...

I dropped 3:45 from my "300" time today, so I was very happy. I did "The 300" in 13:46.

Since yesterday's post got erased, I did the following for Shoulder Press: 3x 145, 3x 165, 3x 165, 175 (F) droped to 165x2, 2x 170, 1 x 175.

After the WOD I finally got 2 Muscle-ups. Both started from a flexed arm hang, but they were legit.

Dave Hudson said...

Rich and I, due to physical limitations (his knee, my shoulder), did 300 today.

16:59. Not fire breathing stuff, but did knock off over 10 minutes from when I did it the last time (1 Oct). (Last time was the Gym Jones variety, which has 50 1 Pd. Clean and Press instead of KB swings...but that wouldn't have added 10 minutes. Maybe would even have been less.)

I'll let Rich share his time...THAT was firebreather-esq.

Andrew said...

Went out to the airfield this morning and got my crabwalk / 4.6 mile run on. Warmed up with max pullups, max toes to bar and a soccer field length of lunges. Improved my crabwalk/run time by almost 2 min, but still didn't get the t-shirt, so I'll be going back out again, maybe next friday. I'm not necessarily obsessed with the IM format, as it would appear...just using it to work on my running pace & form. I'm thinking some Rocky soundtrack on my IPOD is also in order.


DU wod yesterday - 3 attempts: 2:10, 1:40, 1:30. Shoulder fatigue was an issue on the 3rd one, but found that my rhythm got better each attempt, so I had less hangups with the rope. For some reason, I struggled to keep my thumbs on the handles as I got to 30 or so consecutive. Either way, I'm still doing DU better from Dave and Rich's coaching about a month ago (maintaining an upright torso & keeping my hands back) -thanks gents.

Greg said...

1st Place Kansas Ave Team: Books and Greg 38:30.

Don't hate the player Hoys, just love the game.

Great WOD!!!

I was just trying to stay ahead of the SIGO on the run.

Also of note, I beat Ranger Neal to the door today, never-mind that I had a half a bubble head start on him, and barely nudged him out at the door, but I still won!!! Tankers lead the way!!

Thanks for the push today Rett and Neal.

Have a great weekend all.

kyle hogan said...

Great event on Friday....46-ish...& a big thanks to Jeremy for carrying the team. No physical way I could have gone faster, & my "donation" on the back side of the bubble speaks to that....Due to a shift in family stuff I'm a 1600 guy for the next week or so...I'll be putting my kids through the WODs at that time as well.