May 10, 2011


0530 Class

OVERHEAD SQUAT ADV(3-3-3-2-2-2) INT (3-3-3-2-2) BEG (3-3-3)


5x RFT: 200m run 5x ring pull-ups 10x GHD sit-ups 15x push-ups

Open gym


Muscle Ups
Squat Snatch (135/95)

Open gym


rob said...

Cody and a friend should be at the bubble tomorrow morning. I know you guys will take care of them, but perhaps you can put some thought tonight into some subs for AMANDA. He's never worked on either exercise. Pull ups, dips for MU. Squat snatch - the best thing to do to get better at them is to do them...but he's never even seen them. I'll leave it in your capable hands; thanks.

rett.burroughs said...

I went to APFRI yesterday for my phase three follow up. Result from before CrossFit and After:

Gained 9 lbs of lean muscle mass
Lost 6.3 lbs of fat mass
Lost a total of 4% body Fat
All of my blood test result are now in the green (no Statins for me!)
Increased leg flexion by 60 lbs
VO2 Max went from 75% to 95% !!!!!!!

Being interviewed this week for a testimonial this week.

CrossFit is MetAL!!!!!!

Wilson said...

Great work Rett, congrats on your accomplishment! Great WOD this morning James, you really smoked it. For me, 8:31 as RX'd.

james said...

I should have posted this originally but 'Amanda' is not one of the named 'girl' WOD benchmarks. Its actually a hero WOD. Here is Amanda's story:

“I just competed in the CF Games less than a year ago and now I’m dying.”
- Amanda Miller, March 9, 2010

Just over a month after writing those words in her blog, Amanda Miller passed away. She was 24.

In 2009, after finishing sixth in the Mid-Atlantic Regional and doing 131 burpees in 10 minutes as a fundraiser for the trip, Miller arrived at The Ranch in Aromas to compete in the CrossFit Games. Nicknamed “Guns” for the prominent tattoos on her hips, Miller worked her way to a 55th-place finish.

Not long afterward, she faced another challenge when recurring melanoma spread to her lymph nodes and beyond. Miller died on April 23, and the April 27 WOD was dedicated to the athlete who was born in Florida but lived in Virginia.

Julie said...

What a story! Gave me chills! Thanks for sharing her story!

And thank you to James and Kay for all your coaching this morning. Maybe one day I will do a pull up correctly and squat snatch. You guys really pushed me this morning on form! Thank you a ton!

Dave Hudson said...

Sorry for the long post ahead of time.

Rett - that is SERIOUSLY awesome. For our education as trainers, have you been supplementing the daily WOD, either by doing "non-CF" workouts during the week or on weekends?

A word of advice that I would give re: the testimonial. APFRI (the organization, not necessarily every person there) is not necessarily a fan of CrossFit. From what I understand, they have the opinion that there's not enough long time domain (i.e. >20 min) work. I plan on addressing this with them when I have my appointment, but more voices make our message louder and more convincing.

My questions, to them would be (in no particular order):

1. To what end are regular (i.e. more than once every two weeks, which is what we generally hit) >20 minute workouts important to them?
2. If it is the ability to do work at >20 minutes, what test would they prefer we show them CrossFit's efficacy?
3. Is it better overall health (fat loss, blood composition, VO2 Max)? (Rett's stats speak to this tenfold.)
4. Is it to do well on the PT test (which, in its current configuration, I think we pretty much agree is NOT a good test of GPP)?

As for my performance on this workout, it was plain sad. 12:15. Scaled, at that. 80# squat snatch (working on technique, including getting full depth) and MU progressions.

My right shoulder continues to be my LIMFAC. Having done my share of athletic endeavors since highschool, I can tell that the pain (not discomfort) that I'm feeling is joint (i.e. ligaments and tendons) vice muscle soreness/tiredness/strain etc., and is in the pushing motion vice pulling. I could get to the transition of the MU progression, but any pushing on the dip portion gave me extreme sharp pain in my shoulder. I switched to full extension, free hang ring pullups only, attempting (and mostly succeeding at) doing them strict and not kipping.

(The low weight on the snatches allowed me to get full lockout without pressing it out, so I'm glad I scaled down.)

I really may need to not do any overhead work for about a week.

james said...

Julie - better than I explained this morning

7.52 on the WOD

Hoys said...

Struggled with the squat snatch---started the wod and had a weird left shoulder pop so I switched to yesterday's wod: 8:11.

Greg said...

Damn Muscle Ups!!!!!!

Julie said...

Just watched it James! Now, let's see if I can do it! Thanks!

Rich said...

Rett, I can offer a smiler story. I weighed in inAUG at 180 lbs, and two weeks ago at 166. I gained 2 lbs of lean muscle and I dropped from 20% body fat to 12%. Likewise, all my blood tests are green. Of note, my glucose levels were higher, attributed to a lot more fruit thanks to being more "in the zone". I increased flexibility by several inches, stayed the same in leg strength on extensions, but increased inlet curls, which brought my legs more in balance. My VO2 was about the same.

My take diet changed a lot and was critical. I also made them know that I disagreed with the requirement to maintain a 70% heart rate training zone for at least 40 mins one day per week.

Concur.....CF is metal!!!

Kay said...

Rett-That's great to hear about your APFRI results!

Today's WOD I was somewhere in the 9 minute zone, with 65# snatch (afterwards, I realized I forgot to squat on most reps), and still doing either MU progressions or ring dips and strict pull-ups.

Kay said...

Julie, Katie and Allison - Great job this morning, ladies!

Jamie Z said...

Did OHS this morning: 3x 185, 3x 185, 3x 185, 1x 205 (PR), 2x 205 (PR). I modified my group's METCON to 4 RFT and cut the 200m run out. Finished in 5:24.

Gary said...

10:06 with 65# scaling for the squat snatch. MU progressions 3:1 on round of 9 and 2:1 for the 7 and 5. . . mostly because of demand on rings and I have a "thing" about holding people up. A little muscle fatigue didn't hurt either.

kyle hogan said...

Scaled weight to 65 lbs in an attempt to maintain some sort of form....not too bad...MU rds 1 & 2, Rx'd, Rd 3 was done as band progressions...18:54...I'm headed to "Space Camp" next week in CoS...any suggestions for a box there?

Tanker Steve said...

I took the advice from James and worked on form. I still have a problem with the scarecrow portion of the lift. I seem to just want to throw it out and over. Need more work and them it was MU time..
Well, Greg said it right on his post, but it was so motivating seeing seeing him almost get it. Great morning overall.

Thanks to Rett and James for the training this morning.

Rett: Dokken would be proud of your APFRI results. Great job, bro.

Neal said...

10:04 (scaled squat snatches to 95#).

Thanks to James for some great coaching. I have new-found hope that I might be able to do OHS and (better) squat snatches one day.


Andrew said...

16:22 as rx'd.