May 5, 2011

050611 FRIDAY

General. CAC run today - I guess it won't be the pinnacle of constantly varied high intensity functional movement.

0530 Class


BEG: 3, INT: 4, ADV: 5x rnds: 400m run and 15x overhead squats (95/65)

Open Gym


Run 400 meters

15x Clean and Jerk (75/45)
9x Handstand push-ups


james said...

So far I have Greg, Neal, Tanker Steve and I kicking this thing at 0500 - we might sub the 400 run for a 200 row

Rob said...

I'll be there at 0500

Wilson said...

I'll be there with you guys tomorrow morning.

Greg said...

I think Gary will be joining us as well.

james said...


Kay said...

I'm not making any commitments for tomorrow morning; if you see me, then I'll be there. :)

Greg said...

Not motivating Kay!!!!

Jamie Z said...

I'll be there but only to do som emobility work.

Dave Hudson said...

I'll be there, but will be scaling the WOD...shoulders still a bit smoked.

rett.burroughs said...

Completed the CAC Run in record time.

A stellar 14 minute mile pace.
Lets check off what we accomplished today:

CVR Endurance - a little bit
Stamina - nope
Stability - nope
Flexibility - nope
Power, Speed, Strength - nope, nope, nope
Agility, Accuracy - nope, nope
Coordination - YES (required to not stumble into Jim Hoyman's backside throughout the ever steady run)

Wilson said...

Not sure of my time this morning because I started on a 4th round and James informed me that we are only doing 3 rounds.

As RX'd: 3 rnds, 15 clean and jerks (4th round), 11:15.

Kay said...

I got some interval training done during the CAC run, thanks to the accordian effect.
On this morning's WOD (yes, I did make it today), I was about 2-3 seconds behind Greg; I forgot the time.

james said...

11.12 - subbed the first run for a row and I can't really claim my first 15 reps as clean and jerks - more ground to overhead - nice to see everywhere there first up in the morning.

I didn't realize the CAC was a PT thing? I assumed it was a ceremonial event.

Hoys said...

12:24 and my HSPU were something short of the standard.

Hey Bill or D- What's D's phone #? I have a stb related request. Trying to qual on m9 b/f going to campbell and deploying. Jim

kyle hogan said...

Jim/Greg you guys up for a little "box" building this weekend? let me know.
thanks, 931-302-1422...

Matt H said...

Showed up early to streach for the run but was motavated to do the WOD by seeing the morning crew and was not going to stand by and just watch.

12:40, HSPU did not have the full range of motion.

Dionne said...

Jim- STB is conducted a range on 2 Jun from 0800-UTC. Only requirement is to show up with soft cap, eye pro, and gloves. If you or anyone else is interested, let me know and I will inform the 1SG. Also, I'm checking to see if anyone else is conducting a range prior to 2 Jun, just in case this date doesn't work for you. My number is 684-3685.

Greg said...


Thom Kurtz viewed our WOD this morning he is a USAW certified coach. He observed that all of us were not adhering to good form during the Clean and Jerks, most were not performing the SCARECROW move with our elbows, so the bar was rounding out.

Now, I know the weight was very light. Thoughts are this: If during light weights should we be more concerned with getting the bar overhead quickly or building good habits using good form so when need to move a large load are form does not break down. I thought it was interesting that he observed this and his thoughts were that if you do something over a 100 times we develop habits.

So there you go lets get this baby going.

Greg said...

11:24, I rowed the first round. I also had poor form on my Clean and Jerks.

rob said...

11:17 as Rx'd;

HSPU were not as smooth as I'd planned. I usually don't give them a second thought when they pop up. I got 9/9/5-4 which I haven't had to do in a while. Although we haven't done very many of the lately, we have not neglected shoulders.

400m run was pretty good. On Rd#1 I came in the door right behind Wilson but couldn't sustain that for the remainder. Still, it's incredible to run without discomfort/pain for a change.

Good luck to this weekend's tri-atheletes and Smithville endurance racers. Get some pictures for the blog.

james said...

The balance between intensity and form is not easy - I take the "train as you fight" idea as a good basis for an argument for always having good form - Dave Castro's thoughts on it are on the journal at:

Tanker Steve said...

13:45. Clean and Jerks were not the best, but rushed due to coming in late. On the positive side, I felt that my HSPU in the 1st round and 2 round were good. We won't talk about the 3rd round. Overall, good WOD.

Thanks to the morning crew for the motivation.

Kay: don't forget to e- mail the jump rope measurements when you get a chance. No rush.

James: what was the name of that stick you let me use this morning. Was it called "the stick "?

Have a great weekend.

Greg said...

Tanker Steve,

I know we had the DADT training, but really? "THE STICK"

james said...

Tanker Steve

Greg - don't knock the stick until you have tried it

Tanker Steve said...

Okay, I walked into that one.