May 3, 2011


0530 class

OVERHEAD SQUAT ADV(5-5-5-3-3-3) INT (5-5-5-3-3) BEG (5-5-5)


15-12-9 of: Thrusters Pull-ups Ring Push ups 200m run

Open gym 



20 pull-ups
30 push-ups
40 situps
50 squats

Rest exactly three minutes between rounds.


kyle hogan said...

Why the 3 min rest? I didn't notice it on the girls WOD description?

Rich said...


Julie will have the Hoodies in the morning. If you don't get it then, I'll have them at L&C in the morning. I have a break from 1030 to 1330 if you want to link up and grab them.

Edward said...

Rich, what was the end cost for the hoodies? I want to make sure I've got the right change.


rob said...

Kyle - check out Barbara as Rx'd

I believe 3min rest is built in

Dave Hudson said...
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Dave Hudson said...

Or, you can look at the FAQ from the mainsite:

The 3 minute rest is built in there; additionally, it actually says to time each round individually...though the link that Rob shared does not. (The link Rob posted is having issues...go to and search for "Barbara" in the upper right search field.)

kyle hogan said...

I need to puke now.....
2:48-3:00-2:59-3:31-4:00 (28:43)
Crashed on rds 4&5....all unbroken through rd 4.

Wilson said...


Great to have everyone back in the bubble working out together.

james said...

I programmed today by looking back at yesterday and did the 7x1 front squat instead of Bab's. 225 -245 - 235 -235 -245 -245 -245 - 245(spot) 245 (F)

Anyone who saw Wilson, a 245lb barbell and I locked in an embrace and didn't attack us with a piece of PVC pipe has passed the terminal test for the DADT training - you will get your certificates in the post.

Greg said...

Julie---Jacque did not get your email.


Carli said...

Weak sauce. Only 4 rounds complete in 32ish min. Less than impressive return to the Bubble for me. Awesome effort by many, though!

Dave Hudson said...



With rest, a total of 32:46. Was feeling REALLY drained as the rounds proceeded, and shoulders are still pretty smoked from the last week.

Rich said...

31:30 total time for me

Thanks Greg! I will sent it to her now.


Hoys said...

didn't record individual rounds---total was 30:46.

my first day back into the bubble since insulation....smells like a TOC...ready to set up some field desks and run some field phone lines.

Jamie Z said...

I did the following for the Overhead Squats: 165 x5, 165 x5, 165 x5, 185 x3, 185 x3.

Metcon was in 7:03

Greg said...


Barbara was not kind, but it was a great WOD!!

First time I was able to connect 20 PU consecutively in Round 1.

Shout out to Chris Thompson, we have almost had everyone in the seminar come to at least one CF WOD, only a few more to go.

I think I am still going to WOD before the CAC run, any takers????

Greg said...

To clarify, the PUs are Pull-ups, Rich thought they were push-ups. Thanks for that Rich..........Hopefully after 5 months of Crossfit I could have done 20 push-ups before now.

Rich said...

You are welcome Greg! Way to check that ego!

Greg said...

Son of a......

Bryan said...

Can't wait to get back into the gym. Might be a week or two. I can't believe I missed CT's arrival!!!

Neal said...

Big shout out to Chris Thompson from Small Group 23C(rossfit) who came out for the first time today...nice work!

To be honest, I feel like I must have been slackin' this AM...I'll make up for it tomorrow.

Total time of 30:39 including rest.

Greg said...

Neal- if you were slacking, that means I was sleeping.

rett.burroughs said...

That WOD was MeTAL!

Great group this morning. Awesome motivation. Needed it to get through those 34+ minutes.

Chris (Dirt Basement) Thompson from 23C...rossFit rocked his first WOD.

So is it motivation or stalking that we did to get him in to the bubble? HA!

Rich said...

Total time 34:55....I was broke off on rnds 3-5. Sets 3:06, 3:41, 5:24, 5:14, 5:36. Taking out the 12 mins of rest, thats 22.55 of work. To be push-ups cost me the most's that for karma Greg?? Ha!

Tanker Steve said...

34.00 as RX. Yes, this is my first RX WOD that I have completed since my journey started, no bands on the pull ups. I just tried to keep up with Greg which was a task in itself. Thanks for the motivation.

Kay said...

While you guys were slacking this morning, I really was sleeping. I did the WOD this afternoon (first round as Rx'd, last 4 rounds with blue band for pull-ups): 4:19-4:55-5:17-5:08-5:17. Hope to make it in the morning tomorrow.