May 2, 2011

050311 TUESDAY

0530 class 

MMD #1 x 1                             MMD #2 x1                          10x 100m sprint with 1/90 sec tempo

Open Gym

Front Squat


Don't forget the Iron Major comp is on today 0600 -0900 at the airfield.


Edward said...


Form seemed to be my limiting factor today, need to stay back on my heels and keep my knees over my toes as I'm coming up.

Gary said...


It seems I am getting "too deep" and getting stuck at the bottom. My rack position could improve and that would help me as well. The second 195 fail was due to being surprised that the medicine ball target was so close. On the way home I was thinking that if I squeeze my knees in tighter together I wouldn't be able to get so deep and that might help.

Noah said...

165-175-185 fail-175-180-180 fail-170.

Dave Hudson said...

255-265-280-290(F)-285-290 (PR)-295(F)

Both fails were on the way down; I surmise that the 2 Max Rep Clean and Jerk (which were full squat cleans) that we did Sunday at the CPC probably affected my capability today.

Gary - not sure EXACTLY what you mean, but it doesn't sound quite right. You want to push your knees OUT as far as possible so that they are tracking over the toes. Knees in will a) (most important) put stress/strain on the knee (instead of the hamstring muscles) b) block the hips so that you can't get full depth. Just as with the "air/body" squat, push the knees out over the toes; it is your strongest position.

Gary said...

I was thinking that if I bring my feet closer together and still keep my knees out that the position will not allow me to go as deep as I normally do because I would lose balance. Its just a theory, I haven't tried it. I may be all jacked up, but I know for sure the closer together my feet are, the shallower my squat. I would still do a proper squat. Just trying to "cue" myself to not go as deep. I can show you what I mean if you want. That way if I compromise something, someone can correct me.

Greg said...

OLD PR-185, 195, 205, 225(F), 225, 225, 225(NEW PR)

This is all do to form and great coaching from the CPC. Thanks Rett for telling me to keep my elbows up.

Rett also PR today --- and it was METAL!!!!

Any word on the IRON MAJOR COMP FOLKS???

kyle hogan said...

established my PR of 185...I expected much more...but eating a bit of Humble pie yet again, trying to meet the proper form. Thanks to Craig & Dave for the coaching.

james said...

Report from IMCF - Wilson Crushed it!! still waiting to see if he three bazaliioon pullups and TTB trasnlates to a win against the gazelles

I was about the same as last time - 23 pullups/20 TTB/44 on the dummy carry 34.34 on the run

Hoys said...

did the iron major comp today--good times!

congrats to everyone in our community who took part--wilson, james, af steve, andrew, and bookout. Wilson killed it...likely winnner---other frontrunner was a triathlete.

improved my performance from last time, particularly on the run. Scores:

pu: 23 TTB: 28 dummy carry: 43sec run: 33:23.

Standings haven't come out, but as there were about ten dudes doing it, likely to be in the top ten. And...believe I bested my lifelong rival bookout who outperformed me last time.


Tanker Steve said...

115-125-125-135(PB)-135-115-135(F). Had a PB with 135, but still need to work on going lower. Thanks to Dave and Noah for the QAQC and motivation.

Rich said...


Julie will have the Hoodies in the morning. If you don't get it then, I'll have them at L&C in the morning. I have a break from 1030 to 1330 if you want to link up and grab them.

Jamie Z said...

Great numbers on the singles.