May 1, 2011

050211 Monday


Spread the word! Next Crossfit foundations class is on at 0830 - 1230 Saturday 14 May 11.

0530 Class

SNATCH ADV(5-5-5-3-3-3) INT (5-5-5-3-3) BEG (5-5-5)


"Wendy" (15-12-9) Thuster 135 / 95 Ball Slam 20/14

Open gym

"Pyramid from Hell”

Box Jumps (24/20)
KB Swings (53/35)

Go from 1 to 10 and back again


Dave Hudson said...

What is a "cluster?"

rob said...

Jamie - I assume the 'cluster' was a typo and I just changed the c to a t. If I was mistaken I apologize and you can fix it with your athletes in the morning.

Kay said...

I'm going to take a rest day Monday - I still have to finish my paper and heal my hand. I will be back on Tuesday.

Jamie Z said...

A cluster is an exercise...It consists of a Squat Clean into a Thruster. Should be fun for me to do after this weekend....See you all tomorrow.

Scott said...

A "cluster" is what all of you will see at 0555 Friday Morning--just look for the reflective belts.

kyle hogan said...

25:28 unbroken on the reps, a little more resting between sets then I would have liked. Thanks again Rett for the HS help..."babysteps"...

Gary said...

22:46 Deceptively hard workout this morning.

Wilson said...

17:15 as RX'd.

rett.burroughs said...

28:14 as Rx'd.

rett.burroughs said...

Cross Fit Verified at APFT

went from:
72 to 86 PU
62 to 80 SU
15:50 to 14:25 2MI Run

With no extra training.

Edward said...

22:34 as Rx'd. Similar to the other comments, deceptive workout this morning that drove a bit more delays between sets than I would have liked.

Good to be back in the (stinky) bubble.

Scott said...

21:29. I scaled KB to 35. Taking it easy on right shoulder. Then I swam 200 yd x 2 with transitions out of pool.

Air Force Steve said...

Who built the plyo boxes during Christmas break?

Dave and I are interested in building a square plyo box with 3 heights, like the Rogue Games box:

But I have no carpentry skills nor much equipment. Anybody want to take us to the "Wood shop"?

Noah said...

20:37 as RX'd.

Had Matt H pushing me the whole way which easily shaved a couple minutes off my time had I been by myself.

Tanker Steve said...

Totally did not see this one coming, but what a smoker. 21:05.