Apr 15, 2011

Functional Fitness In Your Unit



Have you seen WODs like these before?

21-15-9 reps  for time of:
70lb thrusters (25mm ammo can)
Pull ups

400m run
15 x 50lb swings (.50cal ammo can)
15 x pull ups

20min AMRAP
10 x 60lb deadlift (2 x 5.56mm ammo cans)
8 x 50lb hang power clean (50lb rock)
6 x 70lb push press (25mm ammo can)

400m run
15 x 65lb power clean (65lb rock)

CPT Wade Rutland, CPT JT Williams, and Greg Glassman have put together a 9-week program that can be utilized in garrison, the field, or deployed. Click on the link below to see the entire program.

AOFP/CrossFit Austere Proram


Greg said...

Great Foundations class today. Hopefully we have added a few more athletes to our community.

rob said...

April 11 Foundations

We had a great turnout this morning with 21 athletes. We had active duty, dependents, DA civilians, and retirees; the usual crowd. We didn't have any high school athletes like we usually do.

Several of our new Level I certified trainers got to teach the 9-movements. Specifically, we focused them on front squat, push press, and the sumo dead-lift high pull.

As usual it was high energy, a lot of learning, and new found motivation by our attendees to get fit. Greg offered his services to work with anyone who would show up on Monday. Greg's plan is to modify a WOD so that he can take them successfully through a non-technical WOD. If you are willing to help Greg I know he'd like some company as he takes these new functional fitness under his wing.

Thanks to all who helped out today. As usual it was a great event.

Tanker Steve said...

Greg...if you need support, you got it. Just let me know. Great job today by all. See y'all on Monday.

kyle hogan said...

I'm always game, being the random 6'0'clock guy.....I'm taking it easy in anticipation of a APFT on Thursday....I'm good to help.

Matt said...

Good article in the NYT this morning on "the single best exercise." The squat is nominated by one expert, and High Intensity Training (HIT) by another. Sounds familiar.


Rich said...

All, I a buddy of mine over for dinner last night. He knows a lot of our IMCF CrossFit folks, and we talked a lot about it last night, including diet, etc. He didn't take advantage of the Foundations class, but he told me he wants to explore CrossFit with me in the afternoons. This brings up two things:
1- I'll be available for any of the athletes that attended the foundations class who wants to "on-ramp" in the afternoons.
2- any know of anyone else who may be interested, but didn't hit the foundations, let me know and we'll try to bring them into the community!

Kay said...

I'll be there in the mornings to help out as well. I'm tapering for my Wed APFT.

Matt - Great article. I'm such a CF convert; I've always preferred high-interval training over long distance runs, and CF's training really appeals to me.

Air Force Steve said...

I re-did CF Open WoD 11.4 at Results Sunday afternoon. First, thanks to Stuart for opening up the place for us.

I used a med ball on my OHS to find the bottom and that was key. I only had a few no counters, mostly my arms failing on the way up.

I finished the OHS this time and got 2 MUs before time ran out.

Great job Dave and Andrea as well.