Apr 1, 2011

From Athlete to Coach

How much time are you going to have to hone your coaching skills once you leave Ft. Leavenworth? Post CGSC jobs are where the term ‘Iron Major’ was coined. Chances are that your fitness will not mirror the experience you’ve had at the ‘Bubble”. Your time is going to be spent with Reset or Train/Ready tasks. Pre- or post-deployment will be your world. Fitness for the troops is a commander’s priority. But as a staff officer you may miss more fitness opportunities than you’d like.

Whether you are interested in coaching or not, whether you are CrossFit Level I Certified or not, you must remember as a field grade officer you are a leader and an agent of change. To that observation, it’s worth your time to prepare yourself to be a coach. It’s worth it to master the basics and be able to clearly and articulately teach methodology, programming, and movements. You may be called upon to demonstrate your understanding of fitness with little time to prepare. The more you prepare now to speak clearly and articulately with respect to fitness, the better you will execute when you get your opportunity.

The two linked articles address CrossFit basics.

1. Technical Accuracy

2. Adherence to Prescribed Intensity

3. Healthy Competition

4. Variance in Programming


5. Mechanics, Consistency, Intensity

Once you tell people you CrossFit, there is a certain expectation. It is your obligation to be accurate and effective in your representation of CrossFit. While there is certainly more you can learn about CrossFit, these 5 topics are a good start.  Ask yourself the following questions.

How well do you represent CrossFit principles?

How well can you talk CrossFit principles?

How are your coaching skills?

What are you doing to be a skilled representative of functional fitness for your next unit?

From Athlete to Coach

Start Up Guide Part I

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Air Force Steve said...

For those that have Inov-8 shoes, which model # do you own?

Carli said...

F-lite 230s. Love them.

Dave Hudson said...

230s. They are awesome. I was concerned with getting the 195s that I need all the 'cushioning' possible. Not the the 230s are cushioned, but th weight difference between the 230s and 195s (i.e. 35) is in the soles. I've had no pain issues with boxjumps or running - though I haven't run over 1000m at any one clip in them.

Thinking about trying the 195s, but not until I get better fitting oly shoes.

Jesse also has a different model of Inov-8s, but I don't know which one.

james said...

Steve - get chucks T's and spend the other $65 on crossfit t-shirts

Rich said...

Concur with James.

Dave Hudson said...

Or, you could consider the opinion of someone who's actually tried both...

kyle hogan said...

T-shirts....& chucks....just say'n...

Air Force Steve said...

The Inov-8s aren't for me. Not too many have been privy to the workout shoe collection in my car. I have 5 pair (eat your heart out Imelda Marcos): joggers, light runners (Inov-8ish), old school cross trainers, my version of Chuck Ts (Run DMC would be proud), and sparkly blue Oly lift shoes!

Actually, Debbie needs a new pair of shoes and I don't think she'll go for the Chuck Ts. I'm plenty happy that she's finally into CrossFit, so if that means spending $110 on a nice pair of shoes for her...it's chump change! She's already warming to the idea of our own garage gym for when we go back to Air Force reality of no "functional fitness" gyms (except those that cost $150+/month)