Apr 29, 2011

Coach Development Pathway

The CrossFit Coach's Prep Course* is in town this weekend at the bubble. The trainers sound like the All-Star team of CrossFit; Chris Spealler, Adrian Bozman, and Miranda Oldroyd. The Coach's Prep Course is an intermediate level seminar, building on the concepts and movements introduced at the Level 1 Trainer Course. As leaders in our military this training will further enable us to become better positioned to be the fitness subject matter expert in our unit.

Below is a coaching development pathway that is essentially a growth process. There is no set timeline; it occurs step by step (ref: Vern Gambetta and Frank Dick). Although Vern and Frank are referring to fitness coaches, the process can be applied to any aspect of our life as military leaders.
Embryonic Coach - This is a coach just starting out, in many respects without even a remote idea of what is going on beyond the workout of the day. They are an open book, with very little or no knowledge, just enthusiasm and a desire to coach.
Apprentice Coach - This coach works under and with an established coach to learn the trade so to speak. Much of the learning at this stage is from others and their experiences. This is paying your dues. The apprentice coach is starting to have an idea of what they should know and how to go about learning it.
Emergent Coach - Now the coach is totally on their own, their fate is entirely in their hands. They now must be self-sufficient. They know what they know; their knowledge and experience are growing.
Breakthrough Coach - This coach is coaching some athletes to performances that are outstanding at the level they are coaching on. Now they not only know what they know, they are acutely aware of what they don’t know and they work to close that gap.
Peak Performance Coach - They achieve consistent results at the top of the level they are coaching on. It is not necessary to coach world class or professional athletes to be a peak performance coach. At this level you start to become aware of what you know you don’t know, because it is limiting you and your athletes effectiveness.
Consultant Coach - In the later stages of a career the coach will serve as a consultant to other coaches. The coach is now good enough and secure enough in their knowledge that others seek them out. Clearly this is a veteran coach who has been there before and can set the standard.
Sage Mentor Coach - This is the culmination of a coaching career. The coach at this stage has earned the right to guide and mentor other coach’s to help them along their career path. Others seek you out for guidance and advice. The picture is entirely clear. They are willing and able share experiences and knowledge.

Receiving this training will surely assist those who attend.  For all the functional fitness believers who didn't attend, your skills, talents, and enthusiasm are greatly needed in your unit.  As long as your goal (both those that attended and those that didn't) is 'Sage Mentor Coach' and you are actively engaged in the growth process, you will make a difference in your unit and in the lives of your Soldiers.

*The Coach's Prep Course this weekend at Ft. Leavenworth, KS is a sold out event.



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