Apr 28, 2011

042911 FRIDAY

Open Gym

Hopper WOD Madness

This is going to be a team WOD that won't translate well to the website. Turn up at the track for a 0530 concept brief and 0540 start. For guys later in the day I will get Jim to post some "possible pathways" for you to execute as the WOD. Confused? turn up at 0530 and find out more.


Noah said...

I'm gonna try and come out for this one but coverage of the Royal Wedding starts at 0300 so if I'm not there you'll know why.

Greg said...

That is the same reason Dave is skipping, maybe you guys can watch it together.

Dave Hudson said...

Only because James has been hyping it up to me so much...after all, isn't he still a subject of the British Crown?

james said...

Dave - technically true but that still doesn't make the Royal family interesting or relevant!!

Games 11.6 this morning 91 (1 thruster of round of 18) Thanks to Andrea for letting us in a Athletic results

Noah said...

Felt compelled to swim today again in preparation for the mini tri next weekend and added a pullup pyramid for good measure.

Congratulations to the newlyweds.

Scott said...

Ran this AM. Good luck to you guys riding the bike route today. The wind is going to suck--makes all the hills about 500 feet taller. :)

kyle hogan said...

gREAT WOD this morning!! Thanks again for the effort! And a big thanks to Brett, Rett, & Josh for carring my big butt this morning!!

Dave Hudson said...

Steve - not sure if you will check your AKO, but I sent you a message about the shirts.

Greg said...

Great Job by Jim and others for putting this one together. I loved the Hopper concept and glad we finally gave it a try.

I was with Bryan, Bryan's Dad, and Neal today. Neal drew the short straw and had to carry me around the track, in-between stations. Thanks for not dropping me RANGER!!

We completed as a team:
- Pistols (100)
- 1600m relay (one runner at a time)
- Box Jumps (200)
- Medicine Ball over the Football posts (100)
- Strict Pull-ups (100)
- 800m backwards run
- Pistols (100)
- Lunges (add 20% so 1000m)
- 5 x 100m sprints
- I think there was one more but I am drawing a blank.

Neal decided the team needed to do some extra reps today. I guess Neal thought I needed to burn some more calories.

Great WOD!!

On another note:

I really enjoyed not working out in the Bubble this week. Now I can see what programming works with minimal equipment, which may translate to my future duty station.

rob said...

Thanks to Jim for a great WOD.
TEAM: Jim/Alex/Spencer/Katie/Rob

3 x bear crawl at about 50m each
1 x goal post shots about 40/2-man team
2 x burpee jumps at about 50m each
2 x box jumps (20") at about 50each

Despite the repetition in our draw from the hopper, it still was considered constantly varied becasue some sets are going to be on the tails of a normal distribution - we got the set that was probably more than two standard deviations away...impressed? You shouldn't be. I work with a lot of smart folks that just put stuff like that into my head.

The 'threat' of drawing an undesirable exercise was worth this WOD. It brought back pre-game jitters wondering what was next. I really appreciate Jim's creativity.

james said...

we got the set that was probably more than two standard deviations away...impressed?

sadly I was!

Tanker Steve said...

Sad I missed the team WOD, but had the APFT today.
It was the best one since I was a young LT" After five months of IMCf, the results were amazing:
- 13 pounds lost
- Maxed both push ups and sit ups
- Ran my first mile in 7:10, but lost so steam on the turn.
- APFT Score of 287.

This would not have been possible 10 months ago.

Thanks team..

See y'all on Monday