Apr 25, 2011

042611 TUESDAY


Jamie's 0530 folks should know what to do this week whilst the bubble is closed.

A reminder that the IMCF Games is on the 21 May 11. We have sent invites to everyone we could think of who is involved with IMCF. Please RSVP by the end of the month so we can plan accurately.

If you need more info go to the IMCF Games website if you didn't get an invite them say so on comments. There is also a really cool IMCF games t-shirt - make sure you say if you want one and what size on your RSVP.

Here are the pics of the aforementioned cool dark blue t-shirt. Shout out to Kay, Steve and Steve's sister for the design. Upper left chest logo and then print on the back below.

Open gym

10 rounds for time

Sprint 100m
10 burpees

Compare to 8 September 2010


james said...


this is pretty good

Noah said...
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Gary said...

12:07 in the rain, at the track

Thanks to Greg and Ed for the push.

Greg said...


Thanks for the push Gary and Ed.

Edward said...

11:51 lots of fun in the rain this morning. Thanks Gary and Greg -

kyle hogan said...

Kay..I have a shirt order for you
Adult XL x 1
Adult M x 2
YL x 1

Anyone going to do the WOD @ 1600-ish?

james said...

AFPT this morning 87 pushups (no change), 90 situps (up 14), run 13.06 down 15 seconds. I will take it considering I have run more than 400m about 5 times in the last 4 months.

Scott said...


I plan to be at track at 1600. Hopefully sun will come out.....


d25c0304-34b3-11e0-9476-000bcdcb8a73 said...

James, we have our APFT tomorrow. Thanks for giving me some scores to beat! Those are pretty incredible pushup/situp numbers. We'll see how I do...

Carli said...

Did the week 6 games WOD this AM at the Riverfront Community Center: 75 reps total in an AMRAP 7 min. of thrusters and chest to bar pull ups. I hope to redo it this weekend for an improved score.
Great turn out this morning, considering change of venue and various challenges! Please post your results, Team members!!! I was sad to miss the later heats, but made it home on time ;) As always, Kay pushed me hard, thank you! I hope we can pull out a top 30 finish.

Tanker Steve said...

I had some weak sauce this morning. Will make it up this weekend.

I have some family stuff going on tomorrow and my APFT is on Friday. So, I will be back on Monday. Sad face:(

Good luck to all on the games WOD.

See you soon.

Scott said...

13:09 for Afternoon workout session with Kyle. Thanks for pushing me. Sun did come out as I planned. :)

10 min after the run, I finnally stopped coughing up phelgm. What a deceptive smoker of a workout. Track team probably thought we were crazy.

Push up bars at track are also a good place to practice bar Muscle Ups. YOu can progress up the different heights. One of these days, I will get one.

rob said...

Games WOD today; 96 (implied is complete with round of 15 + 6 thrusters)

Very deceptive WOD. The first three rounds were unbroken; round of 12 went 6-6 and 8-4. What surprised me was that I didn't do the pull ups unbroken in this round. The CTB were challenging.
Round of 15 was 5-5-5 for both exercises. By the time I got to my last 5 pull ups I was hurting and with Andrew's encouragement I got the last 6 thrusters.

Kay said...

Games WOD: 74 (completed round of 12 reps on both CTB and thrusters), then 14 thrusters. It's awesome to have Carli to chase; Carli-you're not allowed to leave this summer. This was definitely deceptively hard on the CTB! Great job this morning by everyone, and thank you Andrea for opening up the gym for us! Welcome back Rob, Dave, James, and Andrew!

Hoys said...

mower was in my 100m lane, so subbed with 150 burpees for time. 10:42.

Both Greg and Spence are now master carpenters on building plyo boxes...well done, fellas!

Dave Hudson said...

Did WOD 11.6 - 80 Reps (up to 15 thrusters and 5 CTB pullups). Definitely going to do this again.